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Now You Can Create Perfect Posts for Social Media

Did you know that the optimum time for publishing a blog post is 11 am and the worst is 6 am? That’s one of the statistics the folks at UK-based myclever agency, a social media consultancy, use in their infographic about how to create perfect posts on social media platforms.

I usually publish my posts at 6 am Eastern Time — bad timing in the U.S. but great timing in the UK — so I hope the clever folks at myclever agency will enjoy all my future posts. From a variety of sources, they’ve gathered best practices for posting content on social media networks. Some themes common to all the networks:

  • Images increase engagement
  • Links attract more readers to other content on your site and elsewhere
  • Include a call to action
  • Use social media buttons to get people to your other social networks
  • Write a headline grabber
  • Use hash tags
  • Include key words so you’ll be found

They’ve included templates for the most popular networks and show you how to optimize your content for each. It’s a neat refresher. Enjoy.


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  1. Jeannette, this is wonderful. I checked your print friendly version and am definitely printing this off to hang beside my desk. Those best times for posting is interesting – I don’t know about you but most of my readers are from Canada and the States so I’ll go with best times for them. Isn’t it amazing how small things can make a difference?

    • Lenie — Yes, timing is important. I’ve previously read about the best time for posting blogs is 11 am and maybe I’ll experiment with that time. I usually post very early figuring I’ll get people who are reading their emails or searching the web before they leave for work (East Coast). But who knows!?

  2. Your infographic is perfect and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have bookmarked this post in my list of top blog posts. Keep on writing top posts.

  3. Very interesting to read what makes a good post on different platforms. I found the timing to be especially interesting. Of course, if one wants to reach an audience outside of one’s own time zone, you’d need to consider the time zone of the target audience(s).

  4. Am not sure if in my entire life I have ever written an article that was perfect:-) Great, good, excellent or whatever you want to call it, but perfect no. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

    Agree with most of what Myclever Agency (love the name) has concluded – and – I actually normally publish my articles around 12.00 hours.

    By the way, do you use Vine?

    • Catarina — “Perfect” is supposed to be the grabber to get you into the post. I like the agency’s name, too. I’ve used Vine exactly once when it was first launched a couple of years ago. I took a video of a flower arrangement. If I sold a product I would probably use it more. But what would I photograph as a writer? My computer? Not very interesting.

  5. This is a fantastic infographic Jeannette! I have copied it for future reference. I am often at odds with Facebook posts in particular:) I haven’t mastered twitter and I am just learning Tumblr. So how to create perfect posts for social media comes at an ideal time for me. The times to post are interesting and very helpful! Thanks!

    • Jacquie — I thought the agency that created this did a really good job of breaking down the elements in the major social media networks. Glad you liked it.

  6. I’ve published my blog posts at 6 am for a long time and have MailChimp set to send the associated email out at 7 am. The autoshares that go out to Hootsuite and my social media sites see little action and probably do get lost in the feed. Sometimes, I will repost a link a couple of days later in the afternoon. That helps for visibility. I do think it’s good though to send posts out early Monday for the sake of email inboxes though.

    • Jeri — I know it’s desirable to post every week on the same day, but I’m a laggard in that regard. I used to sweat it but now I’m just happy to get a post written and out the door every week!

  7. That is a whole lot of really good information about sharing and timing of posts Jeannette. As you say, a really good reminder to us all. I usually post at 2am so in the UK that’s 10AM so, like you, the Brits are reading my stuff at the perfect time. Thanks.

    • Tim — Nice to know you were already doing it right. As I told Donna, no matter when you publish it’s got to be 11 am somewhere?

  8. Hi, Jeannette. Interesting topic! My initial reaction is … information overload! I have a hard enough time gathering all the information and energy to write the post in the first place. Then the next part of me says … take it slowly, do one thing a little better each time, and react to your readers.

    One note: I like sharing on Pinterest. Longer images definitely get shared more than wider images. However, on a blog, wider images look better. Conflict. Putting a long image on purpose on a blog post looks funny. What to do? Move on to the next way to make the “perfect social media post.”

    Have a great weekend. (and I responded to your comment about your blog and responsiveness – hope it is helpful, and don’t worry about it much. Your blog is fine.)

    • Leora — I know, so much to do and so little time to do it. Thanks for your response to my comment on your post. I’ve been reading more about responsive design and the “experts” say it’s a better solution than a third-party host. I’m exploring this with my webmaster. My mobile traffic has increased a lot in the past year so I don’t want to lose that momentum.

  9. Thank you so much for this. I have mentioned before, I was a Luddite, and it is posts like this that have given me the knowledge I need to navigate these social media waters. You have some great information, and it will benefit me a lot

    • William — I’m so glad you found the infographic helpful. I think it’s laid out in an easy-to-understand format which is what makes it even more useful.

  10. I’ve seen this infographic before but hadn’t saved it. I’m glad that you reminded me of it and I will know where to find it now!

  11. This is a great refresher and a perfect infographic. Having lived in the UK, then I would question the whole time issue. Because time is not a fixed thing – as you said 6.a.m.EST is good in the UK. I actually don’t agree with the view that later in the day is better to post. I do most of my commenting first thing in the morning. On occasion I’ll do it later in the day, but more often than not I will pass until the following day. So I suppose timeless it depends where your audience is. Mine is split between US & UK with the lion’s share in the US.

    • A.K. — I, too, post in the morning assuming that some people will look at their email, click on the post, and comment before they start their day. But when I’m late in getting a post published I will post later in the day, too. I guess it’s a case of trial and error to see what works best.

  12. Hey Jeannette,

    That’s really a pretty cool infographic and put together really nicely. I think for the most part having looking through it for the different platforms, we’re all pretty much doing it okay. Yay!!!

    Now the posting times and sharing times are to be disputed.

    I know for me I’ve always published my post at 8:00 am CST every single Monday morning and I have for years. I have a high open rate and we both know I get a good response. I think for the other platforms it depends on your audience and when they’re on the most. Thank goodness for sites that will tell us that at least for Twitter so I post when I know my audience is on the most. I’ve heard so many different reports about what times are best but of course we’re not all on the same time zones so I think that’s harder to pin down.

    Interesting to consider and perhaps take for a test drive. Couldn’t hurt right!

    Thanks Jeannette for sharing this and hope you’re enjoying your day.


    • Adrienne — I’m with you. I always post early to catch the “larks” who get up early and read their email. I’ve heard the 11 am advice before, and maybe I should give it a try. As I said in another comment, no matter what time you post, it’s 11 am somewhere!

  13. Hi Jeanette, this is one of the best, most informative and helpful infographics I have ever seen. So glad you found it and shared it with us. Like the others, I’m printing it out, hanging by my computers so I’ll have a cheat sheet of how to create the perfect social media post. 🙂

  14. Jeanette,

    I used to publish my posts at 5am! Then, I read somewhere that the best time is 11am EST. A light bulb went off in my head. After all, most of my readers are based in the U.S. So, I was actually publishing when the majority of them probably hadn’t started their day yet. (To be honest, I think the last time that I saw 5am, I hadn’t been to bed yet.)

    Now, writing a headline grabber is something that I picked up on a while ago. Some people aren’t fans of headline analyzers but I swear by the “Headline Analyzer Tool by the Advanced Marketing Institute. (I know you’ve heard me rave about that one before.) It works for me. Then again, I respond to immediate feedback and it’s easy to test out different titles. It’s free too.

    Having said all that, this is one of the best infographics I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks. Now, I’m off to share.