Blogs and Social Media

Let me help you develop your social media strategy. I can get your blog up and running and write the content for your blog as well for your LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks.

Blogs have become the linchpin of many corporate social media programs — driving conversations on social media networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Pfizer, Inc.  has embraced internal social media – paralleling the company’s active participation in external social media – and created its own Facebook-like community called “MyWorld.” Any employee can join – all have a profile – and use the 250-character micro blog feature to connect with others and follow the micro blogging of others.

Boeing’s blog reports on the company’s services and products.

Cisco Blogs devotes commentary to high tech policy. Leading companies like Coke, Zappos and Comcast are engaging their customers on social media to sell products and services and to improve customer service.

If your company is still on the fence about allowing employees to write blogs or become active on social media networks, then you will be reassured by the video below with Jon Iwata, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications for IBM, which has been using social media for years. Why?

He states that employee use of social media moves the organization forward, galvanizes employees and unearths new ideas, among other benefits. “IBM Syndicated feeds: A menu of expertise and insights from a passionate crowd” features dozens of employee blogs.

The company is using “social media strategically to drive the business,” says Iwata. What most management most fears, he says, is loss of control – i.e., employees might disclose confidential information – but companies already have policies in place for all of the potential issues that could arise. In IBM’s experience, and this is key, the company has found that “employees can be trusted.” IBM has posted its social media policy on its website, for anyone to see.