A Blog as the Centerpiece of Your Social Media Strategy

"Blog as centerpiece of social media strategy"

Blog as centerpiece of social media strategy

Here’s good news if you’re a small business owner: social media has helped to level the playing field. In the past, smaller companies couldn’t compete with the advertising behemoths in reaching customers and prospects.

Now you can by going directly to your target audience with a blog as the centerpiece of your social media strategy. Think of your blog as your home base. It’s important to get runners on first, second and third base but they need to cross home plate for you to win.

Feed Your Blog to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

From your home base, you can feed important information directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media sites where your customers are forming communities. Post an article, and it is immediately “pinged” to sites of your choice with a link back to your blog – think runners crossing home plate when visitors come to your site.  Specifically, you should have a blog because:

A blog is a content management system, giving you tremendous flexibility. You can create the content, insert and delete copy, add videos, images and podcasts that promote your company and your products and services.

Search engines like Google reward dynamic sites – that is, they want to see fresh content on a consistent basis. Then, search engines will send more people to your home base.  Static websites just don’t cut it anymore.  The site you’re on now is a WordPress blog, designed to contain all the information found in a traditional website.

  1. A 140-character tweet has its place.  But your customers want to know there is a full-service company behind the tweet.  A blog can contain all the information you had on your old website, but you can easily make changes and update the information to respond to changing market needs.
  2. You can invite guests –  clients, thought leaders, industry gurus – to write guest articles.  People like PR to show off their expertise.
  3. Readers can leave comments on your blog posts giving you valuable market intelligence and endorsement of your ideas.
  4. Visitors can subscribe to your blog.  Just think, a built-in audience for your articles, newsletters and surveys on important topics.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get yourself a blog and go directly to your customers, like the big boys do.

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  1. Great post on social media strategies. With social media outlets like Facebook, which has over 400 million active users, small businesses have the opportunity to reach the same consumer base as the more established companies. Your list not only explain how it will help small businesses but it also helps small businesses get started. Again, great post Jeannette.


  2. Jeannette, I love your promotion of blogs.

    I wanted to tell your readers that on site blogs (attached to your static website) are different than off site blogs (i.e., WordPress.com or Blogspot.com). This is different from WordPress.org, which is the operating platform, or software, used to power your website and blog.

    On site adds to your ranking and traffic directly whereas off site can have marginal effects and merely funnel traffic to your main (or hub) Website.

    I started two off site blogs for both Judy and my sites. When I switched to on site blogs, our traffic doubled almost over night.

  3. What a great post! I’ve been telling people this for a while. And it’s not that hard to create a hosted blog on WordPress.org (with a dedicated domain or sub-domain name). I also like to find ways to link back to a blog, like an email newsletter article that includes the first couple of lines, then says “read more” and links to the full blog post.

    I use the Networked Blogs application on Facebook to directly add my blog postings to Facebook. Works well.