Answers to the Quiz: Is Your Company Socially Media Savvy?

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a quiz: “Is Your Company Socially Media Savvy?”

My guest author, Bea Fields, asked these questions and, while the responses keep dribbling in, I decided to stop at 25 so that I could report the cumulative scores.

I’ll do that later in this post. But if you haven’t taken the quiz before, why not have a little fun.

Take the Quiz

Here are the questions. Cover the bottom of the page and answer “Yes” or “No” for each question. Then see how you scored:

  1. Our company is blogging a minimum of two times per week to add value to the lives of our customers and to keep them constantly updated on company events.
  2. Social networking (use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) permeates our company. It is being given top priority in our marketing department and is being used as a way to gain customer feedback to help us improve our products and services.
  3. Our company has employed a social media professional/professionals to manage our social networking programs to ensure their effectiveness across all departments.
  4. We have educated our entire company about the use of social networking and how to leverage social sites to expand our business partnerships and to increase our company’s visibility online.
  5. We have integrated our social media sites into our business website and mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads.
  6. Our company is using YouTube as a way to let our customers actually see our top leaders and to learn more about them as people.
  7. We are using tools like Facebook and Twitter to follow current trends and discussions so that we can improve our products and services and recruit top talent.

How Did You Score?

If you answered “Yes” to 6-7 of these questions, congratulations! You are moving in the right direction of being social media savvy, and will want to refine any steps you are not currently taking.

If you answered “Yes” to 3-5 of these questions, you are moving in the right direction and you still have some work to do.

If you answered “Yes” to less than 3 of the questions, you are a beginner and bringing in a social media expert to help you move forward with your social media marketing will make you more competitive.

If you answered “No” to all the questions in the quiz, the time is now to begin a very proactive campaign to begin using social media and leveraging it so that you can stay competitive in your industry. If you do not take these steps your future clients will more than likely be choosing one of your competitors who is social media savvy so that they can interact with company employees and receive the value that you cannot provide without using new media.

How Did Respondents Score?

Here are the results from the people who took the online quiz.

  1. Yes: 10 No: 15
  2. Yes: 17 No: 8
  3. Yes: 10 No: 15
  4. Yes: 16 No: 9
  5. Yes: 16 No: 9
  6. Yes: 7 No: 18
  7. Yes: 21 No: 4

As you can see, our respondents are quite media savvy – barely savvy, though, on question 6 which asked about their use of YouTube. That’s the next frontier for companies that want to integrate all their social and online marketing activities.

If you just took the quiz and need help with your social media program, contact Jeannette Paladino.


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  1. HI Jeannette,
    I’m guilty of avoiding #6 as welll – ugh. I think I feel a little shy about making a video yet I know if I am capable of public speaking I’m more than capable of speaking to a video audience. I need to address this soon – thanks for the reminder.

  2. Catherine — I’m capable of public speaking but I always hate the way I look on a video. Never look as good as the national TV news anchors!