LinkedIn Launches Targeted Updates and Follower Statistics

LinkedIn has matured since I joined in 2005, two years after this social network for business professionals was launched. It’s added many new features – like company pages – and there are now 1.2 Groups, or communities of members with shared interests who can exchange ideas and join discussions.
"LinkedIn Targeted Updates, Follower Statistics"

Now LinkedIn is about to launch two new features for company pages — Targeted Updates and Follower Statistics. While these new features are not yet available to everyone, HubSpot got the inside scoop directly from LinkedIn.

Soon, companies will be able to target status updates on their company pages to specific followers with content relevant to them. Followers can also be segmented by company size, industry, job function, seniority and geography.

Follower Statistics provides insights about follower demographics, engagement levels, update impressions, total following, recent followers, and number of new followers month-to-month.

Here is a video from LinkedIn about Targeted Updates.

My LinkedIn Archive

I’ve written several “how-to”posts about LinkedIn. Assuming you may have missed a few, I’ve compiled a list of the titles and links to the posts. Obviously, there are many more features — and I’ll continue to provide you with updates.

LinkedIn also has a Learning Center where you can find out more about the site’s features. You might want to go take a look.

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Please leave a comment below if you’d like to add other LinkedIn features you’ve found useful, or tips to make the LinkedIn experience more valuable to business professionals.

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  1. Jeannette, I think what LinkedIn has enabled companies to do with their followers is excellent. A great tool for, say, an international company to target followers on different continents in different ways. And being able to decide to include employees or not is good.

    • Catarina — you make a good point about being able to segment a comany’s messages to followers in international markets. Information needs of people living in different countries are very different so it makes a lot of sense to tailor your updates to specific audiences.

  2. I think this is a great idea by LinkedIn as it would certainly make targeting etc easier. There is so much they could do with this type of information. I still need to get my act together re LinkedIn and have bookmarked your articles. Thanks for sharing this Jeannette.

    • Susan — thanks so much for your confidence in my posts about LinkedIn that you’re bookmarking them. Glad I can be helpful!

  3. You give a lot of information about Linkedin. I am actively participating in Bloggers helping Bloggers group there. I spent a lot of time reading your articles. Thanks

  4. Jeannette, Thanks so much for sharing this. I spend a great deal of my time on LinkedIn in comparison to some of the other social media sites that I maintain a presence on. I can see real potential in being able to access follower statistics. I have not been following this announcement. So, I really appreciate learning about it from you.

    • Sherryl — these two new LinkedIn features are being rolled out slowly and, from what I read, are only available in beta to a number of very large companies. So it will be interesting to see how beneficial it is. Right now LinkedIn creates a company page for big companies without their knowledge. I know because I told a multi-national law firm about it. They weren’t even aware they had a company page. LI pulls in updates from their employees. Very skimpy right now. More companies need to take control of their pages with or without these new LinkedIn features.

  5. Jeannette, I wish I had read your LinkedIn post before I did my presentation last week. You offer lots of great information. I often work with small businesses, so I am not sure how targeted updates will help them.

    • Leora — right now Targeted Updates and Follower Statistics are being rolled out to larger companies. But eventually smaller companies will have the ability to target specific content to followers and track statistics. I’ve added a comment on your blog about how to change the default Company Website to the actual name of your website. The post I wrote about that comes up regularly as one of my most searched posts and it’s so simple to do to get more exposure for your brand.

  6. You’re welcome, Angel. I’m glad my LinkedIn articles were helpful to you. I still get default invitations every day. I don’t understand it — they give me no reason to connect. I just toured your blog and you have some interesting posts and I left a comment on your post about how you’re building your LinkedIn connections. Thanks for stopping by.