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Career Advice for a Budding PR Professional

Imagine you had a time machine and you could visit a younger version of yourself as you entered the workforce for the first time. What advice would you give yourself?

I’ve been pondering that question since my cousin Kate, who just graduated college with a degree in public relations, asked if she could “pick my brain.” She’s clearly off to a strong start with some corporate lingo and a willingness to ask for help.

Here’s what I advised her: Read More→

A Modern Day Burning at the Stake of Cathryn Sloane

When I was applying for a public relations internship in college, I left the “L” out of public in the word public relations on my resume. That’s right. You know what that spells. The interviewer knew too. She pointed it out. I almost crawled under the conference room table.

"Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be under 25"

Amy Dean

Till this day, I have to double check to make sure the word public has that all important L when I type the word. I’ll go to my grave with that one.

We’ve all made mistakes in our careers. Fortunate for me, my gaffe wasn’t splashed across the internet at the time and it didn’t stick to me like a drunken midnight tattoo either. That’s not the case for Cathryn Sloane. Read More→

Zen and the Art of Banishing Writer’s Block

Have you ever thought about something scary and started sweating or panting?

"Amy Dean meditates for writer's block"

Amy Dean meditates

That’s because our bodies and minds don’t discern the difference between what we tell ourselves and what actually happens. Conjure a mental image vividly and persistently and your body and mind will interpret it as reality.

In the case of writer’s block, tell yourself that you can’t write and your mind and body will believe you. That’s what I did.

Once upon a time I suffered through a prolonged period of writer’s block. I tried taking the advice of writing coaches to escape its clutches.

Read other writers for inspiration. Conduct more research.  Write anything. Go to a coffee shop. Get some fresh air. Take a shower. Drink a beer. Sound familiar?

None of them worked for me. My body and mind were far more enthralled with the story that I was telling myself: I had lost my ability to write. Read More→