Giving thanks to our servicemen

Be Thankful to Our Veterans by Giving Them Jobs

Just another reminder that there are veterans out there who need jobs. We can celebrate Thanksgiving by thanking the women and men who have served our country so valiantly. They’ve given. Now it’s time for us to give back.

Veteran Job Boards

There are a number of resources for veterans. Here are just three among many:

Hire a Hero is a job board for veterans. If your company has openings, then seriously consider hiring a veteran. You can post jobs on the Hire a Hero site. If you don’t have job openings to list, then consider making a donation to the organization. I was impressed when I went on to its website that it displayed jobs based on my geographic location.

Recruit Military. According to it website, Recruit Military is the largest military-focused recruiting company in the U.S. It offers employers access to more than 1,000,000 military job seekers via services that include contingency recruiting, military job fairs, a job board, employer branding, a military base publication and more. In addition to posting jobs, also provides tips on how to get noticed by a recruiter, interviewing techniques, and how to write a grabber headline for your resume.

Giving Thanks

I am so grateful to our selfless warriors for protecting my freedom. How lucky I am to be living in a great country when so many refugees around the world are desperate to find countries that will accept them so they can start a new life. Let us say a prayer for them as we celebrate this holiday with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

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  1. Jeannette, what a wonderful follow-up to Remembrance Day. Even though we celebrated our Thanksgiving in October, I will remember our Vets and give thanks for them on your Thanksgiving Day. We truly do have much to thank them for.

    • Lenie — Yes, we owe so much to our veterans. Here in the U.S. it is appalling and so sad that many vets cannot adjust to civilian life and take their own lives. We’ve got help them with the transition.

  2. This is great Jeannette. Its easy to use platitudes in thanking Veterans, but giving people a job is a perfect way of taking action, and potentially making an enormous difference in peoples lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I really do salute (pun intended) veterans as they believe in fighting for their country even if it means losing their life. It must be a major change settling into a “normal” life therefore support should be given.

    • Phoenicia — yes, we owe our freedom to those who are willing to serve and make the ultimate sacrifice. We need to make sure we repay their service by ensuring they have jobs when they return to civilian life.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful message Jeannette! There is so much more we can do to support our returning veterans! I saw a wonderful TEDx talk recently that was about how we prepare our vets to go to war but do little to prepare them to return to civilian life and that makes so much sense when you think about it. Thanks for the information, and inspiration!

    • Marquita — There has been so much publicity about the plight of returning veterans. I hope this will stimulate more government and private programs to ensure a smooth transition from military to civilian life. Our veterans deserve it.

  5. Spending most of my young adult life in the military, this touches personally with me.
    It can be disheartening when you were dealing with million dollar equipment in the military, and no one seems to take the chance to trust hiring you.
    Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

    • William — so true. Vets receive training that could be applied to civilian life, such as the discipline required to get a job done, plus technical skills. Hopefully, things will get better.

  6. Hi Jeannette. What a timely and thoughtful post with Thanksgiving tomorrow. I often hear about challenges Vets face in terms of transition, so it’s great to know there’re sources available to help them find a new profession and get them on their feet. Thanks for sharing!

    • Tatia — there are even more organizations I could have listed and many companies have their own discrete programs directed at hiring veterans.

  7. I agree, Jeannette, we must be grateful to the selfless warriors who protect our freedom here in India now is the gratitude increasing for the force! Great post and a good way to express the gratitude. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Sushmita — It’s so true — we need to be grateful to all the warriors who help to preserve the democracies around the world.

  8. What a great idea to write a post devoted to being thankful for our Veterans during the Thanksgiving holidays, Jeannette. We have our Canadian Thanksgiving a full month before we celebrate Remembrance Day, but you folks in the US do it all in the month of November and it is great to keep the important role our veterans played front and centre as we gather to give thanks.

    • Doreen — I know you celebrate Thanksgiving earlier than we do in the States. I’m glad that we both live in democracies where our freedoms are protected by selfless warriors in both our countries.

  9. Absolutely. It’s essential that veterans are given jobs and taken care of. It’s so obvious that an article like this should not need to be written. That there is a need says a lot about society. The ungratitude and me first attitude that’s taken over.

    • Catarina — you’re quite right. This isn’t an article that should be written, but it pains me to see how incompetent our government is in taking care of these wounded warriors when they return to civilian life.