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Become a Master at Creating Text Images

If Photoshop is a breeze for you, then read no further. This post is intended for people like me who are all thumbs when it comes to creating images for blog posts, social media networks, and presentations.

The good people at Buffer offer a tool called Pablo that enables you to quickly and easily create images imprinted with text. That’s what I did for the feature image above this post.

Buffer, if you didn’t know, is a handy tool that enables you to schedule updates to your social media networks. It can be installed as an extension to your browser or on your smart phone.

Pablo to the Rescue

But on to Pablo. Within Pablo you can use a template with one of 600 images supplied or upload your own image. You can choose from a number of type fonts and sizes for your text, keep the background as it is, reposition the type, add filters and insert a logo.

Once you have the image uploaded, you can reposition it so that it is sized the way you want it. Pablo used to supply inspirational quotes but you’ll have to find your own now. There are plenty of sites like Goodreads which categorizes its quotes — Love, Science, Relationships, you name it. Or you can use your own.

After you’ve completed your text image within Pablo, you have the option of downloading the image to your own file, or sharing it directly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, or scheduling it with Buffer.

I’m always searching for ways to make my PowerPoint presentations more interesting with images and less text. Pablo is an easy way to illustrate a point in a text slide. For example, I could use this image in a presentation to a client about the benefits of having a blog.

Text images Buffer
The Downside

Pablo has its limitations. I couldn’t move the citation for each quote to the right side where I’d prefer it to be. Colors aren’t as intense as the originals and seem to take on a somewhat tan hue. The typefaces are limited.

But if you’re looking to create an image quickly and post it to a social network or design an image for a presentation, Pablo may do just fine.

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  1. Since I use Buffer I will definitely use Pablo if I ever wish to create a text image. Would probably be most useful for powerpoint presentations.

    • Catarina — Pablo makes it so easy to created a PP slide. I uploaded one image and then used one of theirs. It took me no time at at all.

  2. I gave up on PhotoShop years ago. Once a problem makes me weep more than twice, I admit it is smarter than I am and move on!
    Thanks for explaining Buffer & Pablo. I know inserting text into images would be good for Tweets, but haven’t gotten around to figuring out the how-to until now!

    • Rosemary, you’re braver than I am. I wouldn’t even try PhotoShop. Pablo is so easy even I can do it! Give it a try.

  3. Photoshop has a lot of uses. I can use it but do not know it inside out. It is amazing that we have the tools to create and improve images. Even on social media there are a number of apps one can use to enhance photographs.

    • Phoenicia — yes, there are other apps to create beautiful images, but I’m all thumbs with these. Pablo is so easy to use.

  4. Thanks, Jeannette. I just discovered Visme, a great online alternative to PowerPoint. It can creat a similar look and feel of the images on your post, but I also like how it makes the presentation come alive without looking overproduced.

  5. I currently use Canva to create text images for my social media channels and it’s a great app. I might look into Buffer’s Pablo too; it sounds like a handy tool for content marketing.