Ben Franklin Was Full of Ideas – So Are Your Employees

"Personally, I'm glad he invented bifocals"

Personally, I'm glad he invented bifocals

[tweetmeme]The creative director from an agency I worked for used to say, “There are no little ideas or big ideas, only powerful ideas.” I wrote in a post last week that the Journal Register Company was saved from extinction by powerful ideas – from its own employees.

Key was that each team member of the IdeaLab had a specific assignment. Telling someone to “make the business better” is too fuzzy. While some tasks may seem small (but powerful), they all added up to a plan that saved the company. Now that’s real power – in the hands of the new community of employees that includes the CEO.

Here is the link to The Ben Franklin Project – a Bold New Experiment that lists the discrete task of each employee. No doubt more have been added since that post.

Does your company have a similar kind of program? Would love if you shared how it works by commenting below.

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