Blogging is More Important Than Ever for Your Brand

I am a subscriber and fan of Brian Clark’s blog, Copyblogger.

Today, he re-posted one of his “classic” posts from 2007, Are You Someone Else’s User-Generated Content? I urge to click on the link. He gives the reasons, much better than I can, about why every entrepreneur and company needs a blog, no matter your size.

With your own self-hosted blog, you create and own your content, as I’ve written in several previous posts here: A Blog as the Centerpiece of Your Social Media Strategy and The Reports of Blogging’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated.

Fellow star blogger Darren Rowse summarized it perfectly in his statement that when someone gives up a blog he’s in effect saying, “I now have a brand on someone else’s property….”

You don’t want that, do you?

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  1. Hi Jeannette,
    Your blog posts are certainly a great example of what you’re talking about. Thanks for the boost in my sometimes lagging blog posts and for the links to Brian Clark’s material.

  2. Agree with you Jeannette that blogging is important for all businesses today.

    Am amazed that so many companies don’t have a blog. It may have something to do with all the MLM and network marketing blogs out there that are less than serious? They hence are afraid of being tarred by their bad reputation?

    • Catarina — I would like to think that companies would understand by now that blogging is a serious and indispensable business tool. But no doubt some companies may see blogging as simply personal expressions of individuals. But I think the bigger problem is that companies are unwilling to make the commitment of time and human resources that blogging requires.

      • Don’t forget that blogging is a US invention as is much more popular amongst US companies than it is in the rest of the world. The rest of the world is way behind American companies when it comes to having blogs.

  3. Catarina brings up a good point as I know there are probably less companies blogging in Australia. Also I think some see social networks as a quicker way to connect rather than think about content. For smaller companies it is another thing they have to think about and do and for many it can seem all too hard especially if they are not used to writing. That said I don’t think every company has to have a blog but if they do then nothing is worse than seeing no updates for months.

    • Susan – I can appreciate your point of view. The reason I champion a blog is because you own the content and it is the one vehicle where you control your brand. I totally agree that it requires a major commitment and the blogosphere is filled with millions of orphan blogs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I contend that even the smallest companies need a blog to drive traffic to their sites. A static website is not going to impress Google. So that’s why I think it’s essential to have a blog, but I know not everyone agrees.

  4. I am surprised, too, when I see companies without blogs. In fact, the company I work for does not have a blog (I’m hoping to move them toward one), and they are entirely missing an opportunity to let their content speak for them. It’s a great way to show “authority” and create knowledge. I am just now in the starting stages of building my own business, and it would be nothing without a blog. My blog is essentially my “office,” and my manufacturing facility. 🙂

    • Bethany — I couldn’t have set it better. Terrific metaphor. My blog is my office and “manufacturing facility” too. A blog builds authority and also builds your brand. That’s why Google rewards blogs that link to what in the social media world are called “authority” sites. They got to be authority sites with regular infusions of outstanding content.

  5. I have been recommending blogging to friends, small business owners and nonprofits for some time now. They seem to think it is a lot of work. I tell them to get several people blogging so it doesn’t take a lot of anyone’s time. Also, keep blog posts short, 300-500 words. When they don’t know what to blog about, I tell them to look at their website. There usually is lots of information that could become short blog posts.
    It really isn’t that difficult. But when they think it is hard, guess what. It becomes hard because our words are choices we make. Instead, make blogging easy by saying it will be easy! LOL