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Millenials financial advice

Millennials Want Financial Advice – on Their Terms

It’s impossible to ignore millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000. They are the largest generation in U.S. history, numbering nearly 80 million.

And, although they don’t have significant assets today, it’s projected millennials will control $7 trillion in liquid assets by 2020 and likely inherit more than $40 trillion from their parents and grandparents.

Over the last year we have studied millennials; reviewed the research, interviewed them (including financial advisors who are millennials) and considered their impact on our industry. Read More→

Women's History Month Vi Cowden

In Celebration of Women Who Paved the Way For Us

At a White House ceremony earlier this month celebrating Women’s History Month, First Lady Michelle Obama honored the 200,000 women on active duty in the military and the women veterans who served with distinction before them.

Much has changed since the gallant women pilots — called WASPS — served during World War II without pay or benefits or official recognition until almost 50 years later.

First, here is a very brief video of the White House ceremony. Then read further as I revisit my story about the WASPS, whose duty to country was so exemplary, but who were relieved of their jobs by returning veterans and then faded into obscurity. Read More→

Career advice

Career Advice for a Budding PR Professional

Imagine you had a time machine and you could visit a younger version of yourself as you entered the workforce for the first time. What advice would you give yourself?

I’ve been pondering that question since my cousin Kate, who just graduated college with a degree in public relations, asked if she could “pick my brain.” She’s clearly off to a strong start with some corporate lingo and a willingness to ask for help.

Here’s what I advised her: Read More→

Fifty over fifty branding rebranding

Life After Fifty and the “Brand” New You

An interview with Dr. Susan R. Meyer, a certified career and life coach, whose new book describes how fifty women over fifty made significant changes in their lives, in some cases rebranding themselves in new businesses. Their stories illustrate that women over fifty can shape vibrant and fulfilling new directions for the future. I’m honored that Susan included me in her interviews.

What is the theme of the book?

Fifty Over Fifty – it’s a long title, actually, Fifty Over Fifty: Wise and Wild Women Creating Wonderful Lives (And You Can Too!) – is about possibilities. I interviewed fifty women who made significant changes in their lives after they turned fifty. The book uses pieces of their stories to illustrate seven factors that contributed to their vibrant lives. These are: Persistence, Resilience, Curiosity and Restlessness, Openness to New Things, Ability to Scan the Environment, Recombine and Synthesize Skills, Ability to Keep Fear in Perspective, and Sense of Legacy and Desire to Have Fun. Read More→