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Peace in the world

A Holiday Wish for Peace and Prosperity in the World

My best wishes to you for a joyous and happy holiday with your family and loved ones. Millions of people around the world are caught in the crossfire of deadly conflicts and once again will go to sleep hungry and without roofs over their heads.

My fervent wish this holiday season is for more joy and prosperity for those in need and peace in the world. World Food Program USA supports the lifesaving work of the United Nations World Food Programme, the leading agency fighting hunger in the world.

I just donated — it’s the holiday gift that is most meaningful to me this year.

Donate to Meals on Wheels this Thanksgiving

Feed Someone at Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving I will give thanks for my good fortune. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and a wonderful family and friends. But others — even in my own community — go hungry every day.

I was dismayed to learn that 6.9 million seniors live in poverty and nearly 9 million face the threat of hunger. I just donated to Meals on Wheels, a community based program that helps meet the nutritional and social needs of seniors.

If it helps even one senior to enjoy a hot meal this Thanksgiving, I’ll feel better about myself for having done something. Maybe you’d like to donate towards a meal for another senior — here is the link.

Thanks to my loyal followers, my fellow bloggers, my family, and my friends for your continued support. I am very blessed.

Fortune 500 ramp up use of corporate blogs and Instagram in 2018

Fortune 500 Pump Up Use of Blogs and Instagram

Blog usage is on the upswing for Fortune 500 companies. They are also ramping up their investment in Instagram to reach their targets.

A newly released UMass study of social media usage by this elite group of companies found that Instagram and blogging are the fastest growing tools even as top social networking platforms LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter remain strong.

Facebook Still Go-To Network

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Employees as change agents

Employees as Company Change Agents

Companies live and die by the strength and believability of their brands – what they want their organizations to be known for.

But in this digital age companies are struggling to control their brand essence and key messages as information – both good and bad – is shared across social networks around the globe in a matter of seconds, often diluting the power of their brands.

New technologies are transforming the way companies do business. But employees are underutilized as advocates of change. They are not being motivated to rally around the company’s mission and goals. Read More→