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Why Tying Your Shoes Right Matters

You may think that tying your shoes doesn’t merit much thought on your part. You learned how to tie your shoelaces in kindergarten, or maybe you were very bright and your parents taught you when you were three or four.

But TEDTalks thinks how you tie your shoes does matter and several years ago devoted its first-ever three-minute talk to the subject.

To date, the video has received amazing 6,244,805 million views. It shows that a lot of people are interested in learning new ways of doing things, even the most mundane of tasks like tying your shoes.  Read More→

Solutions is too broad, need specific ideas to present to client

Can a Solution Without a Name Solve My Problem?

I don’t like to pick on organizations that are no doubt providing valuable services. But I cringe when companies advertise that they provide a solution, which is one of the most overused words in selling and advertising. A solution is defined as the act of solving a problem.

Even Inc. Magazine got it wrong in an article entitled “How to Go From a Product Company to a Solution Company.” Read More→

Who says when something is good enough?

You Decide When it’s Good Enough

That’s my 2016 Christmas tree. For years I had tall trees that required me to stand on a ladder to affix the tree-topper and hang the ornaments on the top branches.

But I decided this year that I no longer wished to stand on a wobbly ladder so my tree is my height. But would my friends like my tree as much? Would I like it as much?

After all, my taller trees had 300 lights and this year I’m down to one strand of 100 Led lights. As I stood there evaluating my tree I asked myself — is it good enough? Read More→

People with messy minds are the most creative.

Can You Trick Search Engines to Get the Information You Need?

As you sit at your computer – or laptop, tablet or smart phone – can you trick search engines into sending you the information you want and need?

Social networks are filtering the posts you see in your stream. You’ll first see a Promoted Tweet card or a Boosted Post on Facebook. Most of us know that. Read More→