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Emotional intelligence

Can You Succeed in Business Without Emotional Intelligence?

Those of us in business — either working in a company or as entrepreneurs — are aware that we need to be constantly learning new skills to stay competitive. We attend conferences, read books, take courses and belong to mastermind groups.

But it takes more than technical skills to succeed. It is a lack of emotional intelligence that can torpedo our grand plans.

As Daniel Goleman has written in several books and in a recent New York Times article, you also need emotional intelligence. Read More→

Critical success factors entrepreneurs never too old go for the gold

You’re Never Too Old to Go for the Gold

It took 14 years for Abby Wambach, the leading scorer of all time, female or male, to finally win her first World Cup in soccer. She didn’t have a starring role, at age 35, but her presence and her character inspired the USA team that grabbed the gold.

Now the team is on a triumphant 10-match victory tour that is drawing record crowds.

Are You a Winner?

It isn’t easy to throw in the towel, when you think you’ve given it all and still haven’t reached your goals. So much time and money invested, and for what? Read More→

Memorial Day what are you scared of?

What Have You Got to be Scared Of?

Today — Memorial Day — we  honor the brave warriors who died in the service of the United States. They were no doubt scared as they went into battle but they persevered because of their duty to their country and themselves. I salute them and thank them for helping to make the world a safer place.

Are You Scared to Move On?

In thinking of these brave men and women, who faced real adversity they knew could cost them their lives, I’d like to ask you the question I’ve been asking myself, “What are you scared of?” I think many of us are scared of not measuring up. The earth is whirling around the sun too fast for us. New technologies are making us fret about our lives and our livelihoods. Read More→

Problem Solving With the “Five Whys”

The Five Whys of Problem SolvingHave you ever had a problem you felt you just couldn’t solve? Of course, that’s sort of a silly question, because unless you’re not human, you’ve no doubt been frustrated by what seemed like an implacable problem.

Sometimes, it’s because we don’t have all the facts, but at our other times our anxiety about the problem gets in the way of our thought process.

Solving a Problem

But I just learned about the Five Whys in a book I was reading, actually a mystery, of all things. Read More→