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Survey responses from one-question survey

Can You Get Valid Results With a One-Question Survey?

It isn’t nice, but I rarely stay on the line to answer the “brief” surveys that companies ask you to take after speaking to a customer service representative. Usually, the survey isn’t so brief and it’s tedious to respond to ranking questions.

But, on a recent call to Delta Airlines, I was asked to answer one question. I was intrigued — what was the question? — so I stayed on the line and it was this: “Would you hire the last person you spoke to at Delta Airlines?” Read More→

Inc. 500 ROI

Inc. 500’s Social Media Conundrum: is the ROI There?

Despite its growing adoption by the Inc. 500, social media still confounds companies that are struggling to determine whether the ROI is worth their investment of time and money.

When asked to indicate their concerns about social media, respondents said their biggest worry is return on investment (59%) a 23% jump from last year, according to the University of Massachusetts’s Social Media and the 2016 Inc. 500 study.

This annual study by the school’s Center for Marketing Research analyzes and evaluates social media usage among the fastest growing small companies. Read More→

PwC Oscars Moonlight La La Land

OMG! Oscar Blooper Tarnishes PwC Brand

It was one of the worst screw-ups in the history of the Oscars. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and its predecessor firms have been tallying Oscar votes and preparing “the envelope, please” for 83 years. The assignment gives the firm access to entertainment power brokers and burnishes its brand. That is, until last night.

What would you do if your firm had made such a big blooper and gave the wrong envelope to the presenters who first announced that La La Land had won the Best Picture Oscar when it was actually Moonlight that won? Read More→

Solutions is too broad, need specific ideas to present to client

Can a Solution Without a Name Solve My Problem?

I don’t like to pick on organizations that are no doubt providing valuable services. But I cringe when companies advertise that they provide a solution, which is one of the most overused words in selling and advertising. A solution is defined as the act of solving a problem.

Even Inc. Magazine got it wrong in an article entitled “How to Go From a Product Company to a Solution Company.” Read More→