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Pablo text images

Become a Master at Creating Text Images

If Photoshop is a breeze for you, then read no further. This post is intended for people like me who are all thumbs when it comes to creating images for blog posts, social media networks, and presentations.

The good people at Buffer offer a tool called Pablo that enables you to quickly and easily create images imprinted with text. That’s what I did for the feature image above this post. Read More→

There are no big ideas or small ideas only powerful ideas

There Are No Big Ideas Just Powerful Ideas

It’s true. Just think about Coke’s Big Idea of some 30 years ago. The company decided to change Coca-Cola’s formula and launched New Coke. Fans of old Coke were so enraged that the company completely backtracked. It’s considered one of the biggest blunders in corporate history. Little ideas we don’t hear about for obvious reasons.

As the creative director at my old agency often said, “There are no big ideas, or little ideas, only powerful ideas.” Read More→

Advertisers and networks harm relationships with customers

Are Advertisers Harming Their Relationships With Customers?

I regularly check NBC News online while I’m working at the computer. I like to keep up on breaking news. But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been disappointed to see that NBC is now placing a commercial before every video on their site. Previously, you would go right to the story.

I’m not naive and I know that advertisers and broadcasters are in business to make a profit. But are they harming their relationships with their customers and viewers?

Is This Right?

A commercial precedes the story about the horrific massacre of nine congregants of a Charleston, South Carolina, church this past week. Read More→

Earned, owned, paid. social media

Maybe Social Media Isn’t the Way to Promote Your Business

Social media and organic traffic has become the sales funnel of choice for many businesses. Everybody (almost) is in love with social media. Way to go!

The Forgotten Channels

Yet you might attract more customers to your business if you adopted the use of the traditional channels of Earned, Owned and Paid media. (Thanks to Business Wire for the graphic above).

The Internet has spawned a whole new vocabulary. When I was starting out there was advertising and public relations. You paid for advertising and public relations — or publicity — was free (of course, it’s never free because a company has to pay people to generate PR). Read More→