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New York Times Appoints Digital Pro to Engage its Readers

newspapersImagine The New York Times appointing an assistant editor for audience engagement.

Only 33, Alexandra MacCallum was described as a “business-side executive,” who will have a dual reporting role to the news and opinion editors.

My, how times have changed. Read More→

Don’t Steal Quotes from Social Networks, Says 2014 AP Stylebook

2014 AP StylebookBloggers are both writers and publishers. We write our stories and then publish them for our subscribers and social networks just like any other news organization. We are the new wave of journalists.

If follows, then, that bloggers will benefit from the AP Stylebook that covers in great detail in over 500 pages what makes for good journalism. The 2014 edition just arrived on my desk. Note that AP has changed its guidelines to allow use of over as well as more than to indicate greater numerical value. Read More→

Hijack the news for blog post ideas

Hijack the News to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Do you rush to your Google Analytics at the stroke of midnight to check your traffic for that day? You aren’t alone.

But often your visit turns into disappointment when you learn that your blog didn’t move the needle. You wonder what you can do to increase traffic to your site. Read More→

Coca-Cola Learned to its Delight that Consumers Own its Brand


Diet Coke Mentos geyser

As one of the most recognized brands in the world, you’d think that Coca-Cola would have its lawyers squashing anyone who tampered with the company’s iconic image.

Maybe before social media, but now.

Presenting at Social Media Week in New York, Scott Ryan, Vice President Specialty Retail for Coke, made the startling statement, “Marketers don’t own their brand, consumers do.”

For example, Coke discovered a YouTube video with a demonstration showing that candy mints dropped into a Diet Coke cause a geyser to erupt. Instead of sending a cease and desist letter, Coke marketers asked themselves, “What if we were to partner with them — provide them with the right tools access to our brand to create experiences they can share?” He called this the “new brand connectivity model.” Read More→