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Topic clusters to meet customer needs

Use Topic Clusters to Boost Your SERPs

As search engines become more sophisticated in serving up results — called SERPs (search engine results pages) — they are looking beyond keywords and rewarding websites that use topic clusters. These are pillar topics with a clusters of subtopics relating to the core topics.

In crawling your site Google and other engines will view you as an authority if they detect these clusters. That’s assuming, of course, that the content is original, well written and adds value for your readers. Read More→

SlideShare repurposing content

Repurposing Your Content on SlideShare

I’m an evangelist for repurposing your content on SlideShare. I myself have gotten out the habit because you’re lulled into believing the only social network that really counts is Facebook.

But SlideShare, owned by LinkedIn, will attract many new visitors to your blog and website. My 10 uploads have generated over 25,000 views. Read More→

Social media networks

Now You Can Create Perfect Posts for Social Media

Did you know that the optimum time for publishing a blog post is 11 am and the worst is 6 am? That’s one of the statistics the folks at UK-based myclever agency, a social media consultancy, use in their infographic about how to create perfect posts on social media platforms.

I usually publish my posts at 6 am Eastern Time — bad timing in the U.S. but great timing in the UK — so I hope the clever folks at myclever agency will enjoy all my future posts. From a variety of sources, they’ve gathered best practices for posting content on social media networks. Some themes common to all the networks: Read More→

Networking can lead to new business

Did You Miss These Changes in Your LinkedIn Profile?

Have you noticed the changes in your LinkedIn Profile over the past year? Some were subtle and others more noticeable, such as enabling you to add a colorful graphic header.

The LinkedIn Blog is an excellent source for news about LinkedIn, particularly regarding changes to Profiles. I decided to look through last year’s updates and picked out several noteworthy ones that you may have missed.

In December, LinkedIn unveiled its new home page design. The new dashboard gives you instant feedback on how you’re doing. Read More→