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What Happens When the “Rent Free” Option Dies on Social Networks?

The free ride may be over for many entrepreneurs who have built their businesses on social networks. There’s been a brouhaha brewing in the last couple of weeks about yet another Facebook change in policy that will kill free product plugs in your Page News Feed.

Organic Traffic in a Deep Dive

Facebook is clamping down on small business owners that have used their feed to post updates about their products and services. It was obviously a free form of advertising. But Facebook claims these posts clutter feeds with content that people don’t want to see.

So effective January 15, according to Facebook, “Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.Read More→

Does it Make Sense for Your Business to Advertise on Twitter?

Have you considered advertising your business on social media? I’ve already written about Boosting Facebook posts, so I decided to explore the possibilities on Twitter. The above brief Twitter video describes their ad campaigns.

Promoted Tweets

Twitter offers a number of programs to push your tweets to the top of search results. How naïve to think I’d just show up organically when I searched “social media writer.” Ha! Read More→

WPBeginner is the Go-To Site for All Things WordPress

I first met and interviewed Syed Balkhi, founder of the very popular WPBeginner, at BlogWorld two years ago. WPBeginner is website that provides free tips and tutorials to users of the WordPress content management platform.

Since then, his archives and subscribers have grown exponentially, with testimonials from such luminaries as Neil Patel, Chris Garrett and Chris Brogan, who said, “WPBeginner is one of those cornerstone places you need bookmarked. I just hate that it’s called ‘beginner’ because I’ve got 12 years experience and I still learn things there.”

Since our first interview, reproduced below, Syed has created a YouTube channel and added a new WPBeginner Videos section on the website.  Read More→

9 Blog Commenting Services — their Pros and Cons

Blog commenting systems CAPTCHA

Can you read this?

If you’re a blogger, then you use a blog commenting service. I personally use CommentLuv Premium. I like introducing my readers to new bloggers. CommentLuv displays the commenter’s last blog post with a link back to the visitor’s website. It’s a nice perk.

But there quite a few services to choose from and I’ve listed them with their Pros and Cons in the table below.

Whichever service you choose, please do not install the dreaded CAPTCHA, an anti-spam plugin that requires the visitor to type in undecipherable words and letters in order to leave a comment. You will discourage people from commenting if they make a mistake on their first try. Can you read the required words and letters in the above image? I thought not. Read More→