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New Year's resolution

My New Year’s Resolution: No More Coulda, Shoulda, Wouldas

On the dot of midnight this evening, the brilliantly lighted ball will drop in New York’s Times Square in front a million freezing people, ushering in 2019. I wish a fairy godmother would sprinkle some gold dust on my head at 12 o’clock and make all my dreams come true, but that is not likely to happen.

Instead of reflecting back on 2018 and all the things I could have done, I’m determined to look forward. I owe my New Year’s resolution to my brother, and I’ve adopted it for the past few years. It seems to be working for me.

I highly recommend it to you if you’re looking back and wondering how you could have made things better for yourself, your family or your company this past year.

Here it is:

No more coulda, shoulda, wouldas

I coulda done that if I had tried harder. I shoulda done that and it would have made such a difference in my life. I woulda done that if only I had (fill in the blank).

Anguishing over what could have been is such a time waster and morale killer. Don’t do it to yourself.

I’m not a perfect person and no doubt my business could be better, my life could be better and I could be better. But you know what? Look what I have: clients that I like and respect, a loving family, a circle of dear friends, and business relationships that I cherish. They are more important than any amount of money.

The New Year brings with it new challenges, as always. I’m looking forward to what will be, not at what could have been. So ring in the New Year. My life is looking good. Hope yours is, too.


Taking a break.

Going Fishin’ (Not Really, But Taking a Break)

Taking off tomorrow for my hometown of Manhattan (NY). Visiting friends and family, taking in the sights, attending the Mostly Mozart Festival concerts, and just having fun.

I’ll be back posting in a few weeks. See you then.

Independence Day: A Time for Reflection

It’s Independence Day today in the U.S. where I live. It’s one of the only holidays that is still celebrated on the actual date, July 4th, that we declared our independence from Britain.

I hadn’t read the Declaration of Independence in a long time, so I just went online to re-read it. Are school children still required to memorize these indelible lines? Read More→

Seasons greetings and best wishes for 2018

Maya Angelou’s Writing Continues to Inspire

I’ve never failed to be touched by the many wise sayings sprinkled through the writings of the late poet, actor, activist, and writer, Maya Angelou.

She is no longer with us, but the beauty of her words and views on life continue to inspire. And inspiration and hope are what I believe we are all seeking during these troubled times at home and in the world. Read More→