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Lots of Highfalutin Words Add Up to Gobbledygook

My head hurts. I was doing some research today about the growing demand for STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), and I couldn’t believe the bad writing.

It’s a fallacy that only writers need to be proficient in correct grammar and sentence construction. No matter what industry you’re in, or what job you hold, you need basic writing skills to communicate your ideas to internal and external audiences. Read More→

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How to Write Badly

As I write this, I cautiously check each phrase to ensure that it cannot be shortened. I double-check my P’s (periods) and Q’s (question marks) to be sure they are properly placed so I don’t write badly.

I look over my shoulder to see if the ghosts of William Strunk and E.B. White are watching as I type, eager to interrupt and correct my grammar. I think back to my college years when their Elements of Style was required reading in my beginning journalism class. Read More→

Career advice

Career Advice for a Budding PR Professional

Imagine you had a time machine and you could visit a younger version of yourself as you entered the workforce for the first time. What advice would you give yourself?

I’ve been pondering that question since my cousin Kate, who just graduated college with a degree in public relations, asked if she could “pick my brain.” She’s clearly off to a strong start with some corporate lingo and a willingness to ask for help.

Here’s what I advised her: Read More→

Pablo create text images

Become a Master at Creating Text Images

If working with Photoshop is a breeze for you, then read no further. This post is for people like me who are all thumbs when it comes to creating images for blog posts, social networks and presentations.

The good people at Buffer have developed a tool called Pablo so that you can easily create images imprinted with text. That’s what I did for the feature image above this post. Read More→