Connect by Hertz Rises to Occasion with Car Sharing Deals

"Maybe I'll just take a horse and buggy"

Maybe I’ll just take a horse and buggy

I was surprised at how many people commented on my recent blog about my sour experience in trying to rent a Connect by Hertz car recently.  The program enables you to rent cars by the hour at reasonable rates.

Among those joining the conversation was Gulsah at Hertz who, in her first comment, defended the program, although she wasn’t convincing in explaining my beef about being directed to Facebook and unable to find the advertised $5 deal.  However, she has since written on my blog again and directly to me by email.  One thing I’ll say for Hertz, they are giving a lot of attention to my blog and reader comments.  And for this they deserve credit.

So, I followed her advice about finding deals here in New York.  I really wanted this to work.  So I dutifully clicked on the link in her latest comment and received this message:  The page you requested was not found. Ooops.

Trying to Connect With Hertz

Next I tried Hertz’s Twitter location for discounts @Connect_NYC – “Save 77% with Connect by Hertz! Cars by the Hour with Gas and Insurance Included at Over 100 NY Locations!”.  I clicked on this link, which brought me to the Daily News, and this ad:  “Today’s Deal – $7 for three empanadas at any Ruben’s Empanadas location! Choose from over 20 kinds of empanadas! ($15 Value).”   Hmmmm.

Then I decided to go directly to the Connect by Hertz New York website, except there isn’t one that I could see.  Clicked on and went through a typical rental process except that it would be so much easier if Hertz simply listed the locations and not green icons hovering over sections of the city which make it difficult to find the one nearest you.  I guess it must be me because I couldn’t make it work.

So, dear readers, I am going to copy and paste the latest comment from Gulsah and let you figure it out.  Note that she is looking for suggestions to improve the customer experience.  If you’re successful in booking a car, please let me know.  I really would like to rent a car for a few hours to do some shopping at Costco.  Thanks.

A Letter from Hertz

We see that there are some concerns from your readers about our Facebook promotions and our call to extend invitation to become a fan on Facebook. Our fans love it as there are 600 Millions Facebook users regularly seek deals on Facebook. Our goal is to engage our customers, offer them what they want right where it is convenient to them. We believe this helps them save a lot. We have just introduced (three weeks ago) our $5 hourly deals on certain days of the week, on selected cars.

There are already hundreds of members taking advantage of this offer. Every week we have a post on our Wall and it is widely communicated to fans. Instead of getting emails, we are giving them what they want on their Facebook walls so they can also share with their friends as well. Our intention is not to mislead any of our fans, customers to falsely bringing them to our Facebook page. We actually have several posts on the page states which car is available for that low rate, and exactly where the $5 rate car is located. Facebook users are used to locating these deals as this is a second nature to them.

However, new users may have trouble locating the deal as WALL posts move fast. We are always looking for new ways to improve the user experience. We are open to your suggestions, tell us what would work for you and we’d be glad to try it out and implement it for you. This is why we have a Facebook page. We’d love it if you can share your thoughts on our FB fan page Our goal is to create that two-way conversation with our fans via social media.

We are working to improve our website functionality as the Connect by Hertz Car Sharing membership is getting very popular among our fans. In addition to our @ConnectbyHertz account, we are now tweeting right from @Connect_NYC for NYC/NJ followers and already giving $80 driving credit, waiving their fees to make the driving experience no hassle to them by partnering with HopStop and also 77% savings right from So we hope that you’d give it a try yourself and learn more about the convenience and benefits of car sharing program.

It helps the environment and your wallet at the same time. We are proud to report that in Hoboken, 40+ residents opted out of their parking spots and got rid of their own cars to use the Connect car sharing program as they believe; this is the most efficient and green transportation. To celebrate their decision on helping the environment, we first launched our $5 hourly rates in Hoboken and extended to NYC. We hope to extend this out to many other locations.

Thank you for your feedback all. We truly appreciate your thoughts.

Gulsah At Hertz

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  1. Well Jeannette, it appears Hertz has yet to solve your problem. I see they’re telling you how this promotion has already helped so many yet all the while they aren’t helping you enjoy it. Simply ridiculous and a not good for their reputation.

  2. First and foremost, this letter from “Hertz” looks very much like an outsourced piece of generic PR work that came from outside U.S. boundaries. The grammar is very consistent with someone who is not a native English speaker, and I am not just talking about typos or misspellings.

    It seems to me that Hertz isn’t even bothering to put any effort into your problem and instead has handed it off to a generic cut-rate customer service department somewhere in India.

    That they cannot even direct you to current links, much less provide a clear way to get the simple service you were after speaks volumes. Whoever they have handed off their customer service issues to is inept.

    They obviously are not placing much value on the customer’s experience.