64 Branding Strategies for Google+ From Copyblogger

If you don’t subscribe to Copyblogger, you really should. Brian Clark, the founder, and his team publish the most useful tips about social media and blogging. He’s an evangelist for Google+ and believes this social network is essential for your business and Google ranking.

In its own blog, Google says, “More than 500 million people have upgraded, 235 million are active across Google (+1’ing apps in Google Play, hanging out in Gmail, connecting with friends in Search…), and 135 million are active in just the stream.” That’s second only to Facebook.

Here is Copyblogger’s guest author Maria Peagler‘s infographic offering 64 Google+ Content Strategies:

64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

Like this infographic? Grab a proven framework for content marketing that works from Copyblogger.

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  1. You amazed me. You always seem to know just what I need. I LOVE this. I just printed it off as a reference for future use. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Susan — thanks. I’m so glad you’re finding it helpful. I see that you’re very active on Google+. Always see your posts in my stream.

  2. Have noticed that there is less activity on LinkedIn and more on Google+?

    Have already implemented the most important strategies they suggest in their infographic.

    Must confess that I did not read all 64 strategies. It’s far too many. It would have been much better if they just offered a few since their information would then have had much more impact.

    • Catarina — I can’t say I’ve noticed the comparative level of activity on LinkedIn vs Google+. But no doubt G+ is coming on fast, especially since your participation is being linked to Google search.

  3. There may be a lot on that infographic, but it certainly packs a punch. Thanks for the great resource. Anymore, I find I much prefer G+ to Facebook, since ALL updates from everyone you follow still show up in the main feed.

    • Jeri — I prefer G+ also. I have a presence on Facebook and I post there but I’m not very active on that particular network.

  4. I love this infographic – I’m a very visual person as well as a writer. And you are completely right about Copyblogger. I’m amazed at how many incredibly helpful posts there are in their archive. This is another one! Like Jeri, I also prefer G+ to Facebook, and like being able to have the interest focus. Thanks for the post Jeannette.

    • A.K. — I’m glad you liked the infographic. I’m amazed at how Copyblogger keeps coming up with such original and useful content. Everybody, even the experts, advise you to have great content but even their own content isn’t always top flight (particularly some of the guest posts they use), but not Copyblogger. Always great.

  5. Interesting infographic – gave it a G+ and will share it on my FB page in a few days! I wanted to ask you more about #33 – brand dashboard in G+? What does this mean – sounds very neat and organized, i love organized. Please, tell me more πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for stopping by, Diana, and thanks for sharing the post. I interpret a brand dashboard in G+ as a masthead, or header, that communicates your brand essence. G+ has enlarged the masthead, which reminds me to resize mine!