Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy

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I was walking along Lexington Avenue earlier today and passed by Bellmarc, a major New York City real estate broker. There was a QR code sticker in the window. For fun, I stuck the QR code app from my iPhone against the window. Viola! Up popped their apartment listings. I still think it’s magic, but that’s beside the point.

Major retailers are raking in the money with creative mobile marketing strategies. Jeremiah Owyang showed how in his keynote at the recent Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit in San Francisco. Owyang, who is an industry analyst and partner at the Altimeter Group, provided a strategic perspective of how mobile and social technologies work together for today’s top brands.

Beyond Marketing: Developing a Mobile Strategy

The PowerPoint presentation below summarizes Owyang’s points of view and contains case studies of how major brands are utilizing mobile technology.

Some of the “wow” findings for me were:

  • More smart phones and tablets will be sold than PCs this year.
  • Location-based strategies increase foot traffic and sales (I didn’t rent an apartment but someone in the market for one might have gone into the sales office).
  • With a smart phone or tablet app, parents can view their kids’ wish lists from stores like Toys “R” Us.
  • A customer can view weekly specials at ShopRite and add them to his shopping list on his mobile app.
  • Customers can pay their coffee tab with the Starbuck’s app and refill prescriptions with the Walgreen’s app.
  • The Delta app allows customers to check in, use e-boarding passes and receive text messages from the airline.
  • With Tiffany’s app, users can browse rings, learn about settings, save favorites and determine ring size.

Jeremiah Owyang

Owyang spends quite a bit of time explaining why the traditional sales funnel – awareness, interest, sale – is outdated, to be replaced by what he calls the Customer Hourglass. Too much to explain here but it’s worth reading his presentation to learn more about how companies will need to adjust their marketing strategies to meet changing consumer buying habits.

Developing a Mobile Strategy

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  1. It really is amazing how much this technology is impacting our lives. I was amazed the first time I could scan a barcode from my pc screen and instantly download an app. Probably nothing compared to the amount of things that will change as we move forward. Thank you for sharing the information.

    • Thanks, Cyndy. As I said at the beginning of this post, it all seems like magic to me. We think we’re the pioneers in the still-new internet. But think of the early pioneers in the U.S. who took off in covered wagons for the west with no communications, no maps, facing the wilderness. They were the pioneers. We have it real easy.

  2. Yvonne — yes, it amazes me. Just like it amazes me when I type in a term in Google and instantly get the information I want and you know how many skillions of pieces of information there in the universe? Awesome and magical!

  3. I think it is magic too. We live in such an exciting time. I can’t say I have run across one of those, and thrown caution to the wind. But that being said, now I will keep my eyes open.

    I love the age we live in.

    • Once I noticed this QR Code I now seem to be seeing them in a lot of store windows. Today I walked by Ethan Allen and there it was.

  4. Susan — I think that QR Codes are definitely more beneficial for retail businesses. I guess if you were a consultant with a store front it could work. Pie in the sky — but maybe in the future there will be virtual QR Codes that can be attached to articles, websites, comments, etc. Although, when you think about it, back links perform much the same function.

  5. Agree with you Jeannette. Things are changing rapidly and QR codes will increasingly be used. The same goes for smart phones and tablets. Have noticed that most teenagers in Sweden have i-phones.

    The bad aspect of this is that the world is developing into “Brave New World” but there is no avoiding it, unfortunately. The authorites know everything there is to know and more. 🙂

  6. This is all so fascinating and I tend to agree that it is “magic.” The world is changing right before our eyes… becoming more efficient. As a business owner, the idea of using these tools to engage potential customers is very appealing if not downright promising.

    • Thanks, Keyuri. I have noticed in my Google stats that more readers are accessing my blog on their mobile phones. And I have no doubt the numbers will increase.

  7. Hi Jeannette,

    Good article; ties in very nicely with Google’s ZMOT booklet. QR codes and mobile phone web searches are definitely a factor to plan for right away.

  8. Great tips! You sparked another idea for, say, a professional services firm. At the reception desk, the visitor could scan the QR code into a sign at the receptionist’s desk for the firm’s newest study on an important business topic. Always learning.