Enlisting Employees as Brand Ambassadors Can Burnish Your Company’s Reputation

Slowly, but surely, more companies are seeing the wisdom of enlisting their employees as brand ambassadors. I’ve written about this several times, including the post “7 Steps to Making Your Employees Brand Ambassadors”.

Employees are eager to help because if their company succeeds and grows, they will too.  Employees who are actively engaged on social media as brand advocates help to burnish the company’s brand, they are motivated by being asked to take on the assignment, and customers receive better service.

CommProz.biz has identified 10 companies with outstanding brand ambassador programs. What companies would you add to their list?

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  1. It’s great to see you covering this topic again, Jeannette. Employees are a resource that we can’t afford to overlook. It’s especially important these days when it’s so easy for everyone to share their opinion online. If your employees believe in your business, they’ll support you.

    I’d add Grasshopper, the company that provides 800 numbers to small businesses. A while back, I wrote the post “Ambassador of Buzz – Social Networking Done Right” about my experience with them. That is definitely a company to keep an eye on.

    • Thanks, Sherryl. I think more companies are coming to understand the importance of employees in driving their social media programs. I wasn’t aware of Grasshopper and just went to look at their site. Very impressive — all their social networks right on their home page. Smart company.

  2. Hi Jeannette,
    Who better to represent a company on social than employees of the company itself? Social offers many doors to interact with both happy and unhappy customers – bolstering one’s corporate reputation. Your post is a smart reminder to all those companies who have doubts about the impact of social.

    • Catherine — employees who are online can serve as the eyes and ears of the company to their customers — they grips and their kudos. The more interaction you have with customers, the better the relationship and the possibility of increased revenues.