Google Reader is Going Bye-Bye, So Subscribe to My Blog Via Email

This blog is for my subscribers who read my posts on Google Reader. Google, to the consternation of its many fans, is shutting down Google Reader on June 1st. I hope I’m not too vain in thinking that you will be terribly upset if you don’t continue to read my posts if you’re receiving them now via Google Reader.

If you wish to continue using a reader, there are several options as described in this Mashable article: Feedly, NewsBlur and The Old Reader. Of course, you can also choose to subscribe by email. As my small gift for subscribing, you’ll receive my tips about how to get quoted in the media and who doesn’t want free publicity?

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  1. I’ve converted to Feedly, so that’s where I now access your “scintillating, informative, amusing and must-read Information.” 😉

  2. Already done. 🙂 I also switched to a new services, FeedBlitz for an RSS fed and MailChimp for email subscribers.

  3. Hmmm. I wasn’t sure how I get your most valuable information. Fortunately, your system tell me, I’m already subscribed.

    Looks like a terrific new report!

    Thanks Jeannette.

  4. I switched to Feedly a while ago. The one thing I can’t find the answer to is at the moment there doesn’t see to be a way to offer feedly as an alternative on blogs. Hopefully there will be an answer soon.

    • Susan — I know a number of bloggers who have switched to feedly. I’m going to ask my webmaster if there is anything that needs to be done when a subscriber switches readers. I’ll let you know what he says.

    • Susan — I asked my webmaster about what we, as blog publishers, might need to do for our subscribers on Google Reader and he responded, “No, the feed from your site keeps running. When someone switches readers, they have to resubscribe to the feed in order to receive it. The most you can do is remind them until Google Reader shuts down.” Hope this is helpful.

  5. Stacey — thank you! You just made my day. Thanks for subscribing and I will do my best to write posts that are useful to you.