Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post guidelines - Write Speak SellI welcome guest posts from reputable sources. In the interests of clarity and to avoid any misunderstandings, these are the guidelines for guest posts on Write Speak Sell.

  1. The content needs to align with my brand: blogging and social media, employee engagement, and branding. Is your article relevant to my audience?
  2. Please submit an idea or outline before sending me a full article. That way we can decide together the best angle that will benefit the writer, my audience and me.
  3. Include links to other posts/articles you have written. Please include your contact information: name, title, company, with a link to your website.
  4. The article should be from 500-1,000 words with an image supplied by the author, plus the author’s headshot. If necessary, I will edit the article and return it for final approval by the author. Please include sources for statistics used to support your main theme.
  5. It needs to be well written (I know this seems obvious) and grammatically correct.
  6. Every guest post by definition is self-promoting but it can’t be an outright sales pitch. Google has announced that it frowns on guest posts that are thin on content and heavy on promotional back links. Here is the link to a story on the Google blog with a description of what it considers to be high-quality content.
  7. No affiliate links.
  8. Links within the post should be limited to your own website and to sources that support the article’s main points.
  9. The content can’t infringe on anyone else’s copyrighted material.
  10. The author’s bio should be about 50 words with a link to the writer’s website. It will go at the bottom of the article with your bio.
  11. If a guest post on my site receives comments, then the author should respond to each one. It’s only common courtesy.
  12. It would be hard to think I wouldn’t publish a post after it’s written because it doesn’t meet my standards, but I do reserve that right.