How to Network, Build Relationships & Find a Job on LinkedIn

"LinkedIn to network & build relationships"LinkedIn is the essential business network for every professional. If you do belong, you need to be active and cultivating relationships. If you don’t belong, you should join now and begin to build a professional profile that will burnish your personal brand and help you to reach your business goals, whether that’s to develop new business or find a new job.

What You Need to Know

Below is an expanded version of a presentation about LinkedIn that I gave for a Bea Fields’ Become a Blogging Maniac class. It provides an overview of the key features of LinkedIn and how you can leverage this social network to your benefit.

You will learn:

  • Why LinkedIn is essential for companies and professionals.
  • The key ingredients of your LinkedIn Profile.
  • How to write a LinkedIn invitation.
  • Why you should belong to LinkedIn Groups and how to get the most out of them.
  • LinkedIn Apps that will help spread your influence.
  • The value of LinkedIn Recommendations
  • How to use LinkedIn Today for your updates and to spot trends.
  • Building your authority via LinkedIn Answers/Questions
  • How to find a job on LinkedIn — or find candidates for jobs.

How has LinkedIn helped you in business? Please share your ideas and experiences in the Comment box below. Thanks!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Linked-In, Jeannette! After all, that’s where/how I met you!

    Linked-in has really been beneficial to me in expanding my networks, both as a professional writer and communicator, but also has helped me forge my way into the world of chocolate and provide invaluable contacts for my book. It’s also helped me promote my blogs, so it’s one of the most useful social media platforms that any small business and entrepreneur can engage in. Cheers, and see you on BHB.

    • Doreen — we both practice what we preach. I’m pleased we’ve met through LinkedIn, too. It’s all about building relationships. I’m about to publish the e-book I co-authored with another LinkedIn blogger, Pat Weber. LinkedIn is great!

  2. Undoubtedly, the discussion groups I’ve joined on LinkedIn have been extremely helpful in making the transition from teaching to a freelance I’ve learned so much from participating. I’ve gradually build up contacts who can attest to my work as a writer, reviewer, and editor and now I’m in the process of adding personal recommendations. At first, I spammed my blog posts more than I should have, but live and learn!

    • Jeri — The Groups, I believe, are at the heart of the LinkedIn experience. It’s where you build relationships (as we have on the blogger’s group). Regarding posting to groups, the group owners have become much more sensitive about posts that don’t relate to their mission. I’ve seen some out-and-out sales pitches that slipped through the screening process so I can understand why.

  3. This is very useful. I don’t use Q&A much any more and feel that a lot of petiness has taken over and many answers are not useful. I find groups invaluable. The other advantage is groups is that people get to know each other and trust develops over a period of time. Why, I’ve even made good friends over LI, with whom I keep it touch even outside the LI spectrum.

    • Lubna — I agree that Groups are at the heart of the LinkedIn experience. Some of the questions on Q&A are pretty silly, I agree. I’m made friends on LinkedIn, too. I’ve also found collaborators and my IT consultant in the WordPress Group.

  4. I really like my association with LinkedIn. It has helped me finds jobs, build relationships and forge new ones. It has given a great platform to expand my knowledge about blogging. I have meet some of the most amazing people on LinkedIn such as you. 🙂