Is Your Company Socially Media Savvy? Take the Quiz

Each day, we speak with people who inquire about social media, and the question more often than not is this “Is it even worth pursuing the use of social media as a part of our marketing plan?” 

In our opinion, the answer is “Yes!”  Social media marketing for both small and large businesses is a must.  New media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Google+ and the use of smart phone technology) is going to bec0me increasingly important to enhance your business and the relationships you build online. Take the short quiz below to assess your progress. On completing the quiz, you will be directed to a page, “How did you score?”

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Bea Fields is President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc., offering leadership coaching and training for high growth companies.  She is also the founder and facilitator of the highly popular program Become a Blogging Maniac, which transforms novices into skilled bloggers and communicators.

If you would like help with your social media program, contact Jeannette Paladino.



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  1. Oh dear! I’ve got some serious work to do. I’ve predominantly been using LinkedIN which I really like because it is strictly business. The time to develop social media or the cost to outsource it can become somewhat prohibitive and there in lies the problem for many.

  2. Thanks, Keyuri and Catarina. The quiz is simply a snapshot in time of your social media strategy. If one or two social networks are producing the results you want, that may be sufficient for you now. But we’ve all got to follow our clients and prospects. We need to know where they are hanging out and if that’s not where we’re hanging out that could become problematic.

  3. HI Jeannette. I think this quiz is geared more towards slightly larger companies than solo entrepreneurs 🙂 but I did take it anyway. I agree with you that it gives businesses a quick snapshot of where they are in regards to their social media marketing strategy.

  4. Julie — you’re probably right. But the quiz is a good reminder of what even solo entrepreneurs should be doing. You’re way ahead of the pack on You Tube.

  5. Interesting quiz Jeannette and although you do not have to use all the platforms it makes sense to include the most important ones into the plan. I think the problem is small businesses in particular just jump in without doing a little homework first to see if and where their customers are.

  6. Hi Jeannette,
    I agree with Julie that this quiz is geared slightly more towards larger companies than solpreneurs but I took it thinking of myself as wearing multiple hats. I think if you can’t afford to hire a social media expert, it behooves us to learn as much about social media as we can. There are so many resources available. The key is to track and measure our results and do the best we can – until that point when we can hire a pro!