12 + 1 Alternatives to Google Reader Which is Closing Forever on July 1

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12 Google Reader Alternatives + 1

But I’ll understand if you live by your RSS feed. Copyblogger distributed a post this morning about the death of Google Reader and pointed to Marketing Land which listed 12 alternative readers. They didn’t include Digg which promises to have its Reader ready for business by June 26.

Here are the 12 alternatives:

  1. Newsblur
  2. Feedly
  3. Flipboard
  4. Pulse
  5. Google Currents
  6. Zite
  7. Taptu
  8. Feedreader
  9. FeedDemon
  10. NetNewsWire
  11. Bloglines
  12. NewsIsFree

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  1. I switched to feedly and as it automatically imports the blogs from Reader it made it simple. As I have a large number of those that subscribe via RSS I will continue to give potential subscribers a choice with RSS and email to allow them to choose what they prefer.

  2. Aleshia — interesting that feedly didn’t import your igoogle feed. Maybe it’s because igoogle will be discontinued on November 1st.

  3. The switch to feedly was pretty seamless, though it took a couple of weeks to really get used to it. Google Reader, you will be missed 🙁

    • Jeri — glad the switch went smoothly. I wonder if Google realized how angry they were going to make a lot of people!