LinkedIn Most Used and Most Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn has a new Contact Information page in its new ProfileIn its 2014 study of Social Media Usage by B2B marketers, the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs found that LinkedIn is the most used social media network for B2B marketers at 91% compared to Twitter at 85%.

The most telling finding is that 62% of B2B marketers believe their LinkedIn marketing is effective. That drops to 50% for Twitter.

 LinkedIn tops list of B2B content marketing tactics

Of interest is that Google+ is quickly rising in the rankings with 55% using this social media network. However, Google+ plummets to 21% in effectiveness. This seems to indicate that B2B marketers understand the value of Google+ to their overall Google search rankings. Yet, marketers  haven’t been effective in raising brand awareness and engagement among Google+ members.

B2B LinkedIn Content marketing

Small Companies More Dedicated

A surprising finding, to me, is that small companies (10-99 employees) are more likely than large companies (1,000+ employees) to have someone who oversees content marketing strategy (78% to 58%). Almost half (48%) of small companies have a documented content marketing strategy, compared to  large companies (42%).

It was also heartening to me, as a blogger, to learn that blogs are more important than ever. The study found that best-in-class B2B marketers rate blogs as the most effective marketing tactic (79%) which surpasses how they rank in-person events (76%).

Below are the detailed study findings.

B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America from MarketingProfs

Do you and/or your company have a defined, documented content marketing strategy? What network have you found most effective in marketing your product or service?

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  1. Linkedin is definitely the most effective b2b social media platform, followed by Twitter. Noticed another study today that came to the same conclusion.

    Regarding Google + I agree with you that not only the people surveyed but all of us makes an effort there due to its importance to search engine ranking. The reason it’s not yet a great b2b platform is most likely because its users are mainly young.

    • Catarina — I also think individuals and companies are still feeling their way with Google+. But with 500 million users in such a short time, I believe its influence and importance (especially to search) will only grow over time.

  2. Once again you have provided some very good and interesting information regarding businesses and the use of social media. I have only recently begun to address my LinkedIn profile in the proper way. Based on the information here it is a good thing I am doing it.

    • Cheryl — While B2B is the primary social network for B2B content marketers, we can’t forget its potency as a community of business people whether they are heading up companies targeting B2C audiences or for writers looking to make contact with agents and publishers. It’s the business network.

    • Susan — I joined LinkedIn almost at the very beginning. At first, I didn’t know what to do with it. But now it’s my principle social media network and enabled me to meet terrific people like you!

  3. Hi Jeannette: Well researched piece. Thanks.

    I do love LI for biz and professional interactions. It has been effective for me in extending my reach and making new contacts.

    I’m glad you say that blogging is still important, as I do love blogging — despite the fact that it takes a good deal of my time.

    G+ seems to work best for people who post a lot of visuals. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for sharing this study with us Jeannette. I think all of us here agree that LinkedIn is the most valuable networking site that we participate in. Google+ is growing slowly but it’s proving invaluable to me also. It plays an important role in building relationships with other bloggers who are instrumental in building my brand. As Catarina pointed out, Google+ also helps with SEO.

  5. Not surprised about LinkedIn, although I do find there seem to be more spam. Probably because some of these groups are marketing oriented and consultants hunting for work. I think Google + is okay for some markets, although I am not sure for B2B, especially if your target is larger companies. Time will tell.

  6. What a great study Jeannette. Thanks for sharing it.

    LinkedIn is my favorite for sure. Google is going to be maybe. I don’t like the way they keep changing their algorithm because they think they are the only game in town with search. My webmaster just told me, they have not changed their page rank strategy since Feb. Yet they change the “rules” to increase that almost regularly. But I digress.

    The slideshare, did I read this right: only 1% of companies outsource their content marketing strategy? Interesting if so because then that is part of the reason they find in-person so effective – they really don’t take the time to be online.

  7. Nice post, Jeannette! I am not surprised that small companies have their content marketing strategy outlined and big players don’t. If you think about it – big companies are well known so often their content strategy does or doesn’t make a difference as long as content is there, something like “too big to fail” hahaha.

    Not that it’s right – i strongly believe everyone should have their content strategy outlined, in written. Only then you know where you want to go, follow the plan and adapt when circumstances change.

  8. I guess it is not surprising as essentially Linkedin is targeted to business more than other social media sites. It is great to see that the purpose of it is being met and the users are getting something out of it.

  9. Twitter has been the focus of much of my efforts so far, but now that I am gaining ground with editing projects, I can see how LinkedIn will be useful in that area. Like Cheryl, I’m going to be spending more time working on my LI profile. Thankfully, we have Susan to guide us.

  10. I didn’t realize LinkedIn was so powerful. Then again, it’s where I met a wonderful bunch of bloggers – like those who’ve commented here! 🙂

  11. Great post Jeannette and as usual, great intelligence on how the various platforms work. I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and I am always amazed when I come across business people who have not created profiles, definitely an opportunity missed.

    • Debra — thanks. I almost think it’s better to have no profile than an incomplete one, which shows a lack of professionalism. I see so many “orphan” profiles with no photo and nothing but the person’s current title, and maybe where they went to school. Not good.

  12. Hi Jeannette,
    Nice to hear that the word is getting out especially amongst small business.
    Big business seems to be taking notice too, as I see lots of stuff in the job ads these days. But it is certainly harder to turn a large ship. They are always reluctant to adopt.
    Thanks for the interesting read

  13. Linkedin for me has most effective social media platform. However, with that said Google+ is starting to have some effect. With Google controlling the search engines it is a matter of time that Google + will take off and be a powerful social media platform. I have two Google+ sites, one is my personal site and the other my business. The personal site is far outweighing the business site. I still feel people like the idea of a real person behind the social media platform.

    • Arleen — I decided to forego a Google+ business account for the reason you mention. Also, I don’t need one more social media account I need to worry about!