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Did You Miss These Changes in Your LinkedIn Profile?

Have you noticed the changes in your LinkedIn Profile over the past year? Some were subtle and others more noticeable, such as enabling you to add a colorful graphic header.

The LinkedIn Blog is an excellent source for news about LinkedIn, particularly regarding changes to Profiles. I decided to look through last year’s updates and picked out several noteworthy ones that you may have missed.

In December, LinkedIn unveiled its new home page design. The new dashboard gives you instant feedback on how you’re doing.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile

At the right of the homepage, the dashboard shows how many people have viewed your profile in the past seven days. Then you can click to see who those people are. Here is a view of mine:

LinkedIn Profile who's viewed y our profile

LinkedIn will reveal the list of viewers going back 90 days if you pay for a Premium account.

How People Found You

It would be nice to know how people found you and LinkedIn provides that information – giving you counts for how many visitors came through updates, Likes, and comments. LinkedIn will then break it down by update. For example, here is my update of a blog about the pros and cons of open offices:

LinkedIn Profile updates

Over time, this tool can provide valuable insights into the content your followers are interested in, and what they don’t care about.

Editing Your LinkedIn Profile

Previously, you had to click in the “Edit” function at the top of your profile, which opened the edit function for all sections. Now you simply go to the particular area you want to change and click on “Edit” there. For Premium members, LinkedIn provides keywords that you might use so you show up in more searches.

What I like, and wasn’t mentioned, is that LinkedIn will ask you if you want your edits/update to be distributed to your followers. If you don’t, you can turn off that function before you save your changes. That’s a good idea because you might revise your profile several times and you don’t necessarily want everyone to see all your edits.

In the past, you had to go into your settings to make that change. Once, I turned off updates when I was editing and forgot to go back into my settings and didn’t turn them back on for several weeks, so no one saw my updates. Ugh!

Sharing Your Content on SlideShare

If you’re not sharing your content on SlideShare, owned by LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. Now you don’t have to upload your presentation to SlideShare first. You simply upload your presentation to your Profile and LinkedIn will ask if you want to publish this content on SlideShare as well.

SlideShare gets 60 million monthly visitors and I can attest that it is a powerful traffic generator. My eight slide shows have received a total of 14,550 views and hundreds of downloads even though (shame on me) I haven’t added a new presentation in a year

Now You Can See 1st, 2nd and 3rd Profiles

LinkedIn has expanded visibility of your extended network in search. You’ll now be able to view full names and profiles for anyone in your extended network – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree. This level of visibility was previously available only to paid subscribers.

LinkedIn members can search without restrictions until they hit what is called “commercial use limit” for search in any given month. LinkedIn doesn’t state what that limit is but you’ll be notified when you’ve reached it.

I think this additional perk is a real advantage when you want to know more about a 2nd or 3rd person in your network. Of course, LinkedIn is hoping you’ll get hooked and sign up for a Premium service for unlimited access.

LinkedIn Improves Search

Like other social networks, LinkedIn continues to improve its search algorithm. It’s now able to pinpoint more accurately potential jobs and relevant people. Also, when you run a search LinkedIn will also deliver relevant content like posts and SlideShare decks from thought leaders.

LinkedIn continues to improve its design and functionality. That makes me happy because this is my preferred network and will make it even more useful to me.

Have you noticed any other changes on LinkedIn that you can share?

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  1. Jeannette- I like the changes especially you can update without sending it out to everyone. I can see looking on Alexa that I am getting traffic from LinkedIn. I think if you are a business it is the one to be one.

    • Arleen — The feature you mention has always been available but a lot of people don’t know that unless you turn off notifications your edits will go everyone in your network. I didn’t know that at the beginning and I tend to edit and re-edit so my followers were getting three and four updates in a row! Now I know better and LinkedIn now reminds you with a popup asking if you want to turn on/off your updatese.

  2. I did notice these improvements and even though I had not given it a lot of thought prior to their arrival I was pleased with them once the rollout happened.

    • Tim — Unless you’re looking carefully some of these updates can slip by, especially if we don’t click to the next level of detail.

  3. Great summary Jeannette. I knew of most of these. Looking at How People Found You now. What I love is the suggestions it makes to you for groups to join and people to connect with along with an estimated percentage of how many more views you will get. Great stuff going on there.

    • Pat – I agree. In my view, the other social networks aren’t half as good, especially for those of us in the B2B space.

  4. Hi Jeannette , it is nice to know how people found you and who has been looking at your profile. I also like the ease of use in editing different sections now. I hadn’t noticed changes other than what you have mentioned, but look forward to what they have in store for us in 2015.

    • Susan — yes, I think LinkedIn is becoming more user-friendly. I wish the Premium memberships weren’t so expensive and I hope that LinkedIn doesn’t go the way of Facebook and start restricting your access if you don’t pay up.

  5. Great update, Jeannette, that reminded me to check my settings on Linkedin. Just did and they are they way I want them. Considering that I use Linkedin profiles as a Who’s Who I prefer that people don’t know that I have looked at their profiles. And, according to my settings, they can’t.

    SlideShare is a fantastic idea. However the presentations I use in seminars about how to succeed in Saudi Arabia I don’t wish to put online. Much better that people in Sweden come and listen to me in person. That is after all a fantastic way of getting new clients.

    • Catarina – I can understand about not wanting to give away your intellectual capital in SlideShare presentations. You might consider creating some simple “Tips” presentations that don’t give away everything but just enough to entice people to contact you. Just a thought.

  6. I think I’ve noticed most of those because I’ve spent tons of time working on my profile. Lots of good improvements, but I’m definitely not a fan of how you can’t edit posts to discussion threads anymore. At least they used to give users 15 minutes, and a person usually notices a typo right after after posting. I don’t understand the reasoning behind taking that feature away.

    • Jeri — I miss that feature, too. Maybe there is some technological reason but it was a very nice feature. Sometimes these networks think they’re improving their service when they’re actually making things harder!

  7. Hi Jeannette,

    I must admit Linkedin is not my preferred network, somehow I don’t take all the advantages of it.

    You got me interested in that part about sharing content on SlideShare. Well we all like traffic :). Is this feature only for premium users or everyone can use it?

    I also have a low interaction with my followers, I regularly share my new content and that’s it.

    Thanks for sharing this post I find it very useful.

    ~ Dragan

  8. hi jeannette; well for the most part i’m happy with the updates. I’m still getting used to changes in groups that effect users like me with screen readers. the one thing i love is the ease with which i can add videos to my profile now. which reminds me i have three videos i need to post myself. i also need to start doing more with slide shows both posting them to youtube and to linked in. thanks so much for sharing, max ps really appreciate your complement on my singing

    • Max — there are only so many hours in a day! It seems like you’ve already got a lot of activities going, so don’t be too hard on yourself.