Naked Marketing Or I’ll Do Anything for Your Vote

Will you vote for me? I won’t quite do anything — the headline is a teaser.

Danny Iny, the founder of Firepole Marketing, has started a program called Naked Marketing and he invited several of his former guest bloggers (like me) to give him a shout-out. I did in my last post, Why Nobody Likes You. I was glad to do it for Danny, because, as I wrote, it’s all about giving back.

Danny has featured my post on his site — along with the other bloggers. I didn’t know it was going to be a contest, but I’m always game for competition.

So, scroll down until you see an unhappy smiley face Firepole Marketing Naked Marketingand give me a thumbs up — please.

Seriously, I’ve printed Danny’s list here because there are several excellent posts on marketing that you might like to read by clicking on the blue links. If you want to join Danny’s Naked Insiders Marketing club he’s listed that first (of course). Thanks, everyone!

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  1. I voted for you Jeannette. coming from LinkedIn. I am going to read all those articles listed here too.

    • Bindhurani — thanks for your vote! I’m glad you found the articles of interest. Always something new to learn.

    • Leora – thanks for your vote! Funny. If I get enough votes I may just go in and change the smiley face.

  2. Great post even though I have to admit that I am probably drinking wine while (in my mind) preaching water when it comes to commenting. It is too easy to look at those relationships as ‘only Internet” relationships but at the same side considering ones own blog as the holy cow which should attract such relationships and comments.

    Reading your post definitely makes me realize even more how important such relationships are. I am fairly new to the whole blogging spiel but am very impressed as to how helpful and encouraging the blogging community (you in particular and the also the LinkedIn group) is.

    • Trevor — well it isn’t all bad to think your own blog is the greatest! You’ve got to have self-confidence in what you’re writing. But in order to get comments and begin to engage with the blogging community you must give, too. So, welcome to the club!

  3. We will vote and support you Jeannette. I am sure my friends will vote for you too. I think we should all cooperate and share the good news.

  4. Hi Jeannette! I just got around to reading your post and voted for you. I hope it’s still valid. As you know, our relationship is web based and has been incredibly awesome. They might not be the traditional relationships that were used to but they have as much value, especially when were all helping one another. Best of luck!

    • Hi Dennis — thanks for your vote! I just read your latest post and it’s terrific. Left you a comment.

  5. They might not be the traditional relationships that were used to but they have as much value, especially when were all helping one another. Thanks that you’ve shared.