New York Times Editor Says Let Employees Use Social Media

Adding to my argument in last week’s post 6 Steps to Empower Your Employees as Brand Ambassadors, David Pogue, technology columnist for The New York Times, explains the importance of allowing your employees access to social media while at work.

He is interviewed in this video entitled “Half of U.S. businesses block social media. What’s the point?”

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  1. I guess people will find other ways to wile away time when they’re bored at work, but some people do seem completely obsessed by Facebook these days and may waste hours messing about on it. Surely trust people first, and see how much work they get done??!

    • Tom, employees need to use their good judgment about the time they spend at work on social networks. If they are tweeting a company’s white papers, or posting a comment about a new company service that’s one thing. But simply using company time to post personal information on your networks is not a good career move.