Optimizing Your Title Tag for Search Engines

The title tag is the most important element of your blog or website. My blogging coach Bea Fields just recorded a tutorial about optimizing the title tag for her Become a Blogging Maniac course. It’s at the bottom of this post.

Your title tag must contain key words that describe your business. A descriptive, keyword-laden title tag is essential for increasing rankings in search engines.

The title tag appears at the very top of a blog or website and is usually overlooked by visitors — but not by Google or other search engines.  Search engines will “bold” (or highlight) those terms in the search results when a user searches for those terms.

Here is a screen shot of the title tag of SEOmoz.  I don’t need to tell you what they do. Below the screen shot is the video. Take the 5 minutes or so to view it and learn how to write a powerful title tag.



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  1. Hi Jeannette:
    Yes, these are great tips. Thank goodness we have our coaches to help us do it right! You have Bea and I have Sherryl Perry helping me out and am hoping the new SEO initiatives we have implemented into my writer’s blog will help me reach a broader audience.

    • Doreen — every little tweak helps SEO. It’s still a mystery how Google evaluates our blogs but if we keep trying to get it right then hopefully we will be rewarded with more traffic!

    • Susan — Thanks. If you’re McDonald’s or Coca-Cola it’s fine to use your brand name in the title tag because that is likely what people are searching for. But if your company doesn’t have that kind of global recognition then it’s necessary to use key words relating to your services that people are searching.