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Are You “Prominent” on Social Media?

I joined wefollow a long time ago when the service was only tracking members on Twitter and assigning them a ranking by prominence, based on the interests they indicated in their profile.

The founders started its Twitter directory in 2009 and, wefollow has since grown into a community of over 1.3 million users.

Wefollow Prominence Scores

When I recently checked in I learned that wefollow is also using data gathered from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to objectively measure a member’s prominence.

So, if you’re trying to decide who to follow and connect with on social networks, wefollow can be a useful place to start. Also, you increase your chances of being discovered for your interests if you become a member.

You can search for people by interest and sort them by what wefollow calls their Prominence Score. I went to my Profile and discovered that my account was only linked to Twitter because that’s the only network they tracked when I joined. I quickly linked to the other social networks.

Of course, I wanted to know how prominent I am, so I searched one of my interests – I did this before adding the networks. I typed in businesswriting. Oh my gosh! I ranked #1 with 88%! No kidding. I just checked again and – yes! – I’m still #1.

We Follow businesswriting

I’m confident in my abilities but am I that prominent? Could this be a mistake? I decided to check socialmedia and found that Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable, is ranked #1 at 100%. Hard to quibble with that.

Then I searched blogging and there was Darren Rowse at #1, Again, no surprise. But where was I? Well, folks, I had go through a lot of pages to find myself ranked at a measly 39%. There are tons of people who list one of their interests as blogging.

All right, so I’m ranked #1 for businesswriting. But, guess what, only 17 people listed that as an interest. Should I still be proud I ranked first? I guess so. Every little bit of PR helps.

But here’s the thing. You can only earn a Prominence Score if you join wefollow, so we’re a self-selected group. The lesson is to not take ranking services like wefollow and even Alexa all that seriously. They are not a true measure of our success. Only we can define what success means to us.

But, heck, I still liked topping that list!

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about that Jeannette; kind of seems a bit limited if only those who have joined can be ranked. But then again, blogging is pretty much a self-serving niche so am not surprised. Glad you are number one in a subset; I would be too. All the best to and Merry Christmas.

    • Tim — It is a self-serving niche but it’s just one more touch point for you to get some recognition. Once you join you don’t have to do anything, and I’m all for that!

  2. Yikes! I had forgotten about wefollow! I checked…dismal…a bit depressing:( Looks like I have some new resolutions for 2015!

    • Jacquie — I had forgotten about it, too. Honestly, I joined so long ago that I saw a mention of it and took a look and there I was!

  3. I never heard of wefollow = something else to check out. In the meantime, congratulations on being number one. Maybe we shouldn’t take things like that too seriously but didn’t it give you a nice boost – then it was so worth it, right?
    Have a good holiday Jeanette and see you again in the New Year.

    • Lenie — As I mentioned in the post, it’s hard to get too excited when the universe of business writers on wefollow is so small. But you’re right. I did get a kick out of being #1!

  4. Congrats on topping the list! I think I joined wefollow once upon a time. Can’t remember doing anything with it. Social media is weird like that: some platforms get huge (Facebook) while others crumble and fall (gosh, remembering various blog loving sites that I joined).

    • Leora — I know. These different tools come and go. But I saw a mention of wefollow recently and decided to check it out and lo and behold!

  5. Congratulations, Jeannette!!

    Checked it out but only 69 Swedes are members. Also had a look at other criterias of interest to me on a global scale and, again, not what the site is catering for.

    Personally believe wefollow works best if you live and work in the United States.

    Thought about becoming a member. But if only 69 people can find me and use my services it doesn’t make sense:-) It’s so often the case with useful websites that they work in America but not really outside.

    • Catarina — I’m not sure wefollow is even that important in America because it’s a self-selected group. But there over 1 million members so I guess we can’t discount it.

  6. Hi Jeannette: I’ve heard of we follow, but haven’t never personally explored it. Congrats on being #1 in your preferred niche! I guess I’ll have to check it out, as like you say, every place we list ourselves helps raise our overall rating on social media, and inevitably, in the public eye. Cheers, and Happy Christmas to you.

  7. Congratulations on being #1 in Business Writing. I think that is definitely something you should be proud of, Jeannette, regardless of how many people listed that as an interest. Still pretty cool! 🙂

  8. Well aren’t you something else Jeannette! I think #1 in anything is fabulous and one big WOOHOO to you.

    I’ve never heard of this. Is it related to Klout? Just wondering with the number rating you shared.

    Merry Christmas to you.

    • Thanks, Pat. No relation to Klout and doesn’t have the clout of Klout (excuse pun!). I’m not nearly as prominent on Klout.

  9. First congratulations – #1 is always good! I’m not familiar with WeFollow but then I follow Klout and your advice about keeping it all in perspective applies there as well. I must admit I tend to pay more attention to mentions of my name, blog and books that prominence. I’ll definitely take a look at WeFollow during my “clean up and get ready for the new year” days before the end of 2014. Thanks!

    • Marquita — Thanks for stopping by. You might check out wefollow. It’s one more touchpoint for people to get to know you. Just left you a comment on your excellent post about goals for next year.

  10. Hello Jeannette

    Congratulation for become no. 1
    All the best.

    I never heard about wefollow before. I just checked it but not much members are from my part of the world.

    Thank you for information.

  11. Jeannette- First I want to tell you your new website design looks fantastic.

    Every little bit helps and I wouldn’t mind being number one somewhere. The problem is that we only get barometers and really don’t know what people are typing in what they want. It seems that people are typing in more words which is a good thing.

    • Thanks, Arleen. I’m glad you like my new design and I especially value your opinion because design and graphics are what you do for a living. It’s true, that many people come to a site and then bounce right off because it wasn’t what they were looking for.