Remembering Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice for Their Country

It’s Memorial Day today in the U.S. — a time when we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I’m glad the sun is shining today, at least where I live, for the families and friends who will be visiting the grave sites of their loved ones. They deserve a beautiful day to honor some 2.7 million women and men who have given their lives in conflicts over the years for my wonderful country — the USA. Thank you to all those who have died so that I could remain free.

Memorial Day remembering those who lost their lives in service to the U.S.

Remembering those who served

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  1. Agree with you that honouring them is important, Jeannette. And the same applies to soldiers that made it back and are now disabled, or with other injuries, and not getting the care they need. The vast majority of us would not mentally handle years in war torn Afghanistan or Iraq. Neither did the majority of US soldiers who were there and now have severe problems. Hope the United States will give them the care and treatment they need and deserve.

    • Catarina — I agree that we have treated our veterans badly and shame on us. I, too, hope that we will move quickly to give them the care and treatment they need and deserve.

    • Pat — unfortunately, too many people forget the purpose of Memorial Day. It’s just another day for a barbecue. But we need to remember.

  2. Jeannette, thanks for taking the time to commemorate this important day. For those of us who are not American we can remember Memorial Day the sacrifices of Americans that benefitted us, the losses of our own Servicemen and Servicewomen and all those who have given in any way to make our lives better.

    • Thanks, Paul. Much appreciated as I know you are from the U.K. living in Canada. Our countries are inextricably inextricably linked by a common language and culture as well as being on the right side of justice. All our countries have seen the sacrifices of of our citizens to protect our democracies.

  3. Jeannette, beautifully said. Our town has a little parade each year — when my son was younger, he and I marched with the Cub Scouts. I felt like I was doing my little part. I was actually at a wedding yesterday, but I was thinking about the parade and a proper way to honor those who paid with their lives so we could live free.

    • Leora — It’s nice to be reminded of the real reason for Memorial Day. I’ve attended several weddings on the holiday weekend myself. It’s OK to celebrate the living, too, as long as we remember those who are no longer with us.

  4. I went to DC for the first time this weekend. All those memorials and so much loss. The variety of memorials found me having conflicting emotions, but the thought behind them is always in the right place. I walked along The Wall at night and the sheer number of names brought the toll home.

    • Jeri – When I’m in Washington and visit the Vietnam Memorial and then walk up the steps to the Lincoln Memorial, I feel as though I’m in a sacred place. When you visit the Memorials it really brings home the sacrifice so many have made for us and our country.

  5. Hi Jeannette,

    Glad I found your blog. Found you through a friend Adrienne Smith. I am a retired Veteran and Veterans Day is by far the hardest day for me each year. There are so many that have lost their lives in defense of this wonderful country and I am sure your words means so much to them all. Thank you for your wonderful words.

    • Thanks for visiting, Nathaniel. And thank you for your service to our country. We never want to forget those who have served our great nation.

  6. This gave me goose bumps Jeannette. I was in DC years ago during Memorial Day and was positively astonished at the site of Arlington. So many lives, so much sacrifice. I do hope the youngsters of this world will never take our freedoms for granted…we owe so much to those who fought and their families too. Wonderful wonderful post!

    • I know what you mean, Jacquie. I also get goose bumps at the Vietnam Memorial. I was there once on Veterans Day and so many families were paying their respects to their loved ones who died in service to our country. It brought me to tears.

  7. On one of the late night programs one of their staff when to a beach and was asking the younger generation what the meaning of Memorial Day was. I was appalled at the answers. Answers like it is a holiday so we do not have to go to school. When we were in school we were told the importance of what our men and women in uniform sacrificed for us. Too many people forget the purpose of Memorial Day. I guess it hits home when your family or someone you know served our country.

    • Arleen — I’m afraid it’s true that most people think of Memorial Day as another long weekend to have some fun. That’s OK, but first let’s give thanks to the brave men and women who service in our Armed Forces.