Case Studies

Here are four case studies that I’m particularly proud of – I can tell you more when we talk.


Problem: The firm has over 100 offices around the world. The quality of communications was uneven, especially in the smaller officers without professional PR people on staff. There were no consistent policies and standards to guide the offices in preparing marketing materials.

Solution: I wrote a series of “Tool Box” templates from “Building an Integrated Communications Plan” to “How to Create a Power Point Presentation.” Each included Goals, Objectives, Key Messages, Target Audiences, Strategies, Tactics, Timetable, Budget, Measurement, and Deliverables. These were distributed electronically and compiled in a written manual distributed to all offices.


Problem: A new partner in the Consumer Industries practice needed to develop a higher profile for herself and the firm in order to gain entre to major consumer manufacturers.

Solution: I was instrumental in developing an alliance for the firm with the National Retail Federation that put the consultant directly in front of major prospect companies who belonged to the NRF Supply Chain Advisory Council. The consultant, with the imprimatur of the NRF, conducted an original study, “Consumer-Focused Supply Chain.” I trained her in presentation skills for her keynote speech at the NRF’s annual conference where she announced the results. I subsequently arranged appointments for her with major retailers such as Staples, Ahold and Sak’s for private presentations. Her appearance at the conference led to two other speaking engagements before national consumer organizations.


Problem: The organization was not viewed as the dynamic organization it is – on the cutting edge of the professional chaplaincy movement serving an incredibly diverse urban population. It wanted to reaffirm its brand positioning in the annual report.

Solution: I wrote the report, which strategically positioned the organization as the leader in its space, developing new paradigms of products and services. I worked closely with the director of development to present the financial results and new strategic initiatives in a way that would make potential donors feel compelled to contribute. A “call-out” in the financials pointed out that 82% of the organization’s money went to programs and not overhead, a high figure for a nonprofit.


Problem: Like many organizations, the Bowery’s job descriptions were outdated and managers were not adept in giving performance reviews. Many employees did not have a clear idea of their roles and responsibilities.

Solution: The CEO decided that every job description should be rewritten and managers would go through training to learn how to write them and to give performance reviews that reflected the employees’ responsibilities, as outlined in their job descriptions. I co-wrote the training program and then facilitated the training for managers.