Service With a Smile from Sylvester at Staples

OK, I know that’s a lot of alliteration.  But I’m feeling a little playful today because I’m feeling so good, and I owe it all to Sylvester.

My day started with a stop at Staples to pick up a package of hanging pocket files and folders.  After I walked in the door I was approached by a young salesman who greeted me with a smile and a question, “Can I help you find something?”  Shock.  I think I was flustered because that kind of genuine welcome is rare in retail businesses these days.

We found the pocket files but not the folders I wanted.  “We don’t have them, but I’m sure the Staples around the corner on Lexington Avenue and 51st Street does,” he said.

He took my purchase to the counter, smiling all the way.  After he rang it up, he made sure that I knew I could enter a monthly drawing for a $5,000 Staples gift card.  “All the information is right here,” he said, as he pointed to the sales slip.

“You’ve made my day, Sylvester,” I beamed.  “And you’ve made mine,” he said with a smile.

I walked out the door with an extra spring to my step.  What a great day this is going to be.  Thanks, Sylvester.

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  1. Jeannette,
    This is such a lovely story! If I lived near you, I would go and find Sylvester right away. Boy it’s terrible that this is such a rare thing these days but it is.

    I applaud you for sharing this important story. Good work. Your writing as always is informative and inspiring.