Simplifying My Brand was So Easy – for Someone Else

[tweetmeme]It took a perfect stranger to simplify my brand.  I mean that’s what I do for a living:  help individuals and companies with their brands – the words they use in telling their stories.

I was at a networking event last evening, and took the opportunity to do a little tweaking of my message as I circulated among the guests when I first walked in.  I tried a few versions.  Here is one of my openings:  “Hi, I’m Jeannette Paladino.  I’m a business writer.  I help individuals and companies to sharpen their brands and shape the key messages they communicate to their target audiences.”  Then I proceeded to tell the little group gathered around the bar that my focus was on writing web copy and blogs, branding and employee communications.

I'm a "word mechanic"

Oh, said one knowingly, “You’re a word mechanic.”  Bong.  Not wordsmith.  Word mechanic.  I love it.  I’m the mechanic who fixes the words people use so they roar into action like the motor of a fancy new car.  My tool box is filled with high-powered words.  I don’t need to use them all, just the ones that create clear, compelling copy.

My new friend had turned my brand into an image that clarified for him the perceived benefit I offered.  Once he understood, in his mind, what I do then he warmed up to the conversation.  “So, you write blogs,” he said.  He confessed that he was doing that for his own growing company and it just wasn’t a good use of his time.  Maybe I could help him out?   So, we exchanged business cards and he became a good prospect for my business.

It was a reminder for myself, and what I tell my clients – don’t over-complicate.  Keep it simple.

Let your clients and prospects imagine the possibilities of working together.

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  1. What a great story, Jeannette. I think we all make the same mistake from time to time … we overcomplicate our message.

    You said it all when you said your new friend had turned your brand into an image. Once you had an image to go along with your words … your brand became memorable!

  2. Jeannette,

    Simple, concrete, unexpected, and memorable. Thanks for sharing and for your honesty.

    Distilling your message down to its bare essentials is no small task–even for a word mechanic!