Social Media for the Human Resources Professional

Corporate HR departments can’t ignore social media and its impact on employees. Employees are on social media so how do you manage their participation?

Social Media for the HR, the largest social network and online community of HR executives, with 194,000 members, is holding a free webinar entitled Social Media and Employee Communications with two days of speakers on March 1st and 2nd.

As the webinar copy states, “powerful enough to fuel revolutions, the tools of social media can connect and enable employees to new levels of communication that enable productivity and alignment with business results.”

Empowering Employees As Brand Ambassadors

As my regular readers know, I’m a big supporter of organizations that engage their employees to serve as brand ambassadors for their companies. So, I will be one of the speakers. Here is a link to my talk at 12:30 on Friday, March 2nd.

My session is about how to Empower Employees as Brand Ambassadors on Social Media to Promote Your Products, Services and Brand.  I’ll be discussing:

• The steps your company can take to develop a corps of brand advocates – from identifying advocates, training them, developing a pilot program, and then launching your advocates on social media.
• How companies like IBM, Zappos, Comcast, and Pfizer are enlisting their employees to enhance their brands.
• How to develop a social media policy that works for your company.

Other speakers will be discussing how to manage a Facebook page, social media analytics, a social media approach to employee engagement research, and much, much more. So consider registering for the entire event. It’s free, as is membership in

Hope you’ll join the discussion!

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    • Thanks, Susan. Many companies are still afraid an employee will spill company secrets or say something in bad taste. With a social media policy, and training of a corps of employees who empowered to speak for the company on social media, this should happen rarely if at all. Of course, you can’t completely control risk in any aspect of a company’s operations.

  1. Congratulations on your speaking engagement. I agree with the idea of employees becoming brand ambassadors for their company. You’re certainly the one to lead them in this idea.

  2. Social media is everywhere now and it’s important to make sure your HR professionals stay up on all the trends and news. If its where your employees are, it’s where your HR pros need to be too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Brian — the old internal grapevine has been supplanted by social media. So that’s where a company’s executives, in particular HR professionals, need to be to keep up with their employees.