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How To Choose a Web Hosting Service That Works for You

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How do I choose my web host?

If you’ve done any research lately you know that choosing a web host can be quite an adventure. There are hundreds of web hosting services, each offering a myriad of options. Many of those options only make sense to techno-geeks. Many options are completely irrelevant for your situation. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and start considering only criteria that you understand, price often being one of the few.

Since I have recently been through this exercise, I thought it might be helpful to cut through the techno-speak and narrow down the options to the most important ones for most people. For that reason, I’ll provide a brief overview of the main hosting options and then focus on the one option that makes the most sense for the majority of people. Read More→

You Want My Social Media Password? Uh, Uh. I Don’t Think So

I thought that local, state and federal agencies in the U.S. wanted to help put people back to work. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to gain employment, RedTape Chronicles of reported that government agencies and even colleges are now asking job seekers to provide a user name and password for facebook accounts.

The ACLU of Maryland has called on the Maryland Division of Corrections to rescind a blanket policy demanding personal social media passwords from corrections officers and applicants as part of the employment certification process.

If a password isn’t the request, it’s the requirement that you “friend” or “follow” a coach or some other authority.

I’m not a lawyer but I think it’s safe to say this is another egregious trampling of our constitutional rights. What is happening in our country when now we can’t even have freedom to assemble in social communities without intrusion? Read More→