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WordPress Security — If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It Before It Is

WordPress is a hugely popular content management system that started out as a blogging platform and has evolved into much more. Millions of websites are built on WordPress today with more being built every day.

As a result, WordPress security has become a large and very important issue.

WordPress is a Hacker’s Delight

John Sawyer

John Sawyer

Because of its popularity, WordPress now has a huge bulls eye on its figurative back and those with nothing more positive to do with their time are actively looking for ways to exploit security flaws.

Being in charge of WordPress security these days is like being the defensive coordinator for a football team. Not only do you have to correct the defects you know about, you have to try to anticipate what the opposing team (the so-called “Black Hats”) is going to attack next. In short, you must react to threats as quickly as possible while trying to prevent new ones. Read More→