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Blog Tips: Be Specific, Appeal to the Senses, and Be a Poet

[tweetmeme]Thanks to Livia Blackburne for these tips from her highly engaging blog, *A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing.*  I always learn something new from her posts.  She is a neuroscience graduate student at MIT, conducting research on the neural correlates of reading (don’t know what that is but I’m sure it’s important).

"Use your brain and write better"

Use your brain and write better

    She’s just completing a three-part series based on these tips from James Frey, author of How to Write a Damn Good Novel.  Her readers are invited to improve on a paragraph she writes, using one of Frey’s tips, with the winner receiving a book.  That’s smart, because she engages her readers in a contest in which they can have some fun while learning something very worthwhile.

    As bloggers, we can learn, too:

  • Be specific about the subject of your blog and your point of view
  • Use imagery to appeal to the senses
  • Be a poet and tell a story that draws in the reader using figures of speech like metaphors and similies

Head over to Livia’s blog for more good tips on writing.