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Google Reader is Going Bye-Bye, So Subscribe to My Blog Via Email

This blog is for my subscribers who read my posts on Google Reader. Google, to the consternation of its many fans, is shutting down Google Reader on June 1st. I hope I’m not too vain in thinking that you will be terribly upset if you don’t continue to read my posts if you’re receiving them now via Google Reader.

If you wish to continue using a reader, there are several options as described in this Mashable article: Feedly, NewsBlur and The Old Reader. Of course, you can also choose to subscribe by email. As my small gift for subscribing, you’ll receive my tips about how to get quoted in the media and who doesn’t want free publicity?

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How Infographics Can Create Compelling Content for Your Blog

Infographics can create compelling content for a blog

Emma J. Fox

Pictures can communicate ideas with more impact than text, and that’s why infographics have become so popular.

Infographics are entertaining, engaging, visually appealing, and have better recall value than a blog post with all text.

But, from an SEO and business marketing perspective, do infographics really benefit your blog? Yes, they do.

Why Infographics?

Infographics have several key advantages. They can: Read More→

Are You Targeting the Right Blogs for Your Guest Posts?

I sympathize with the most popular bloggers, such as Chris Brogan at Copyblogger, and Darren Rowse at ProBlogger, who no doubt receive hundreds of requests to write guest posts on their sites that have nothing to do with the subjects they cover. It’s got to be difficult to find the gold nuggets amidst all the dross.

I am quite amazed myself — and I don’t count myself in their league — when I receive guest post requests that are totally off base. I received this today: Read More→

Are You Thinking of Switching to a WordPress Website?

You may have found me because you’re wondering if you should switch to WordPress. You’ve come to the right place for an answer in this article.

I’ve done two things on purpose: I’ve used the words “WordPress Website” in my headline and called what I’m writing an “article.”

Build Your Own Website

Here is something you need to know: a WordPress blog IS a website. Read More→