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The Downside of the Decline of Blogging Among the Fortune 500

The following post is based on studies conducted by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts as well as studies by other leading researchers.

Social media is rapidly changing the way business operates. Many firms have ventured into the world of social media in hope of generating greater revenues and profits as well as increased market share.

However, to our knowledge, little research has been done to look at not only the adoption, but also the replacement of a social media tool, like blogging, with a substitute or newer generation tool. Read More→

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Why Tying Your Shoes Wrong Matters

You learned how to tie your shoelaces in kindergarten, or maybe you were very bright and your parents taught you when you were three or four.

So for all these years, you’ve been doing it the same way as I have – and it’s wrong. I learned this just a couple of days ago from a BloombergBusiness video.

I’ve practiced tying my walking shoes several times and it’s far superior to how I did it before. Learning to do this most basic task a new way shook up how I’ve been thinking about things. Read More→

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To Order a New Service Press 1 – Again and Again

Technology is killing me. If you have a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or GPS – and that’s likely – then you have no doubt experienced menu hell when calling your service provider for help. Technology may be killing you, too.

I just moved from New York to Florida, which necessitated a change in all my providers. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has gone right from the get-go.

Consumer Friendly Brands Will Win

Over the coming years, as technology becomes ever more pervasive in our lives, the brands that excel in customer service will be the winners. Read More→

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Don’t Let Your Subscribers Change Their Email Addresses

No, you read that correctly. Have you tried to change your email address lately so that your credit card companies, utilities, magazines, stores and your other accounts can reach you? It’s almost impossible.

Companies spend millions of dollars building their subscriptions lists and then most give subscribers one choice: Unsubscribe. But I don’t want to unsubscribe. I have a new email address. I had to go through contortions to find out where to change it on almost every account I have.

Are you one of those companies that makes it so difficult for customers to change their email addresses that they simply unsubscribe?

This is no laughing matter. Read More→