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Buffer is losing traffic so what hope is there for other businesses. It makes ou want to cry.

Wow! Even Buffer is Losing Traffic From Social Media

Buffer, the service that distributes your content to social media networks to help drive traffic to your website, recently revealed that it had lost nearly half its traffic from social media over the course of 12 months.

Why is this shocking? Because if Buffer can’t attract visitors — and that’s their sole business focus — what hope is there for the rest of us whose blogs and websites are competing for readers and customers? It’s enough to make you cry. Read More→

Pablo create text images

Become a Master at Creating Text Images

If working with Photoshop is a breeze for you, then read no further. This post is for people like me who are all thumbs when it comes to creating images for blog posts, social networks and presentations.

The good people at Buffer have developed a tool called Pablo so that you can easily create images imprinted with text. That’s what I did for the feature image above this post. Read More→

Use Buffer to Schedule Your Tweets

Today I’m going to discuss Buffer. This seemed like a natural follow-up to last week’s article about bitly, the link shortener.

Sharing Made Easy"Buffer schedules your tweets and posts"

Buffer is a great tool for sharing content with your followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can add the Buffer extension in the Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers and download an iPhone app. (However, I didn’t see Internet Explorer on the list. Maybe it’s coming).

Click on Buffer and the content is distributed to the three social networks, saving you the trouble of distributing them manually. (Yes, I know you can also schedule messages on HootSuite and the Twitter-owned TweetDeck.) Read More→