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Find a job on LinkedIn have a robust profile search their job board

How to Network, Find a Job and Build Relationships on LinkedIn

If you want to find a job, LinkedIn is the go-to social network where you can network, build relationships, and trawl its vibrant job board. The largest brand-name companies and recruiters regularly post jobs on LinkedIn. They will find you if you don’t find them first.

A Primer for Your Job Search

LinkedIn really works. Major national companies identified two of my friends through a key word search. My friends weren’t even looking but they accepted the better-paying, more important jobs. But you won’t be found if your Profile isn’t up-to-date. And not including a photo is sure to be a turn-off. Read More→

How to Network, Build Relationships & Find a Job on LinkedIn

"LinkedIn to network & build relationships"LinkedIn is the essential business network for every professional. If you do belong, you need to be active and cultivating relationships. If you don’t belong, you should join now and begin to build a professional profile that will burnish your personal brand and help you to reach your business goals, whether that’s to develop new business or find a new job.

What You Need to Know

Below is an expanded version of a presentation about LinkedIn that I gave for a Bea Fields’ Become a Blogging Maniac class. It provides an overview of the key features of LinkedIn and how you can leverage this social network to your benefit. Read More→

Why Nobody Likes You

It’s frustrating when you work so hard to write interesting blogs and updates to your social media sites and no one responds by “liking” your Facebook page or retweeting your posts.

Nobody Likes You

Why don't people like you?

The content that you thought should get a bunch of comments and “likes” land with a thud.

Possibly you expected the search engines to send you a bunch of traffic because you optimized the post with all the right key words and it’s a subject that’s been in the news.

So maybe you should ask yourself this question.

Do You Like Other People?

Be honest and ask yourself: “Have I thanked the people who have commented on my posts?” Only you know the answer to that question. How often do you “like” other people’s posts and retweet their content? Read More→