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9 Blog Commenting Services — their Pros and Cons

Blog commenting systems CAPTCHA

Can you read this?

If you’re a blogger, then you use a blog commenting service. I personally use CommentLuv Premium. I like introducing my readers to new bloggers. CommentLuv displays the commenter’s last blog post with a link back to the visitor’s website. It’s a nice perk.

But there quite a few services to choose from and I’ve listed them with their Pros and Cons in the table below.

Whichever service you choose, please do not install the dreaded CAPTCHA, an anti-spam plugin that requires the visitor to type in undecipherable words and letters in order to leave a comment. You will discourage people from commenting if they make a mistake on their first try. Can you read the required words and letters in the above image? I thought not. Read More→

Are You Using CommentLuv for Bloggers? Last Day for Reduced Price

I don’t ordinarily hype affiliate products here but I do think if you’re a blogger you will like the CommentLuv WordPress plugin. Today is the last day to benefit from the launch price of $67 for this plugin.

The newest version of the CommentLuv plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs displays the title and a link to the last blog post of anyone who leaves a comment on your blog as well as their Twitter handle. This shows appreciation for someone who takes the time to join the conversation. Nice touch for thanking people who comment on your blog by directing other visitors to their last post. There are many other bells and whistles like advanced backlink features and spam protection. Check out the video that describes all the features by clicking on the image below where you can also buy the plugin. Enjoy!