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How to Insert the Name of Your Website into Your LinkedIn Profile

[tweetmeme]LinkedIn has made it more confusing than necessary to insert the name of your website into your profile. I see many profiles with “Personal Website” or “Company Website” or no website listed at all. Even the author of a book about LinkedIn doesn’t have the actual name of her site in her profile.

Why is it important to have the name of your website in your LinkedIn profile? Your website is your brand – what you want to be known for. “Personal Website” or “Company Website” reveals nothing about you or your company. Those words are not compelling and don’t offer a reason for the reader to click on the links to learn more.

I think one reason people don’t list the names of their websites is because they follow LinkedIn’s instructions! I know that sounds contradictory but it’s true.

Editing Your LinkedIn Profile

I’ve gone into the edit mode in my profile and here is a screen shot of where you include your website information.

In the first window there is a drop-down menu with several options. Do NOT choose Company or Personal Website. If you do, your profile will show those words and not the name of your website.

Instead, choose Other. Then, in the next box add the name of your website and in the third box the URL.  By the way, just because the options are Websites, you’re not limited to websites. You can also add your blog and a link to a page with information you want people to know about.

My website is Write Speak Sell. It’s actually a blog and my posts are obvious in the center column. So I’ve used the second website window to link to my Blogs and Social Media page, because that’s what I’m selling. The third window links to my Work With Me page where people can learn more about my approach and services.

Here is how my LinkedIn profile looks:

But you don’t need to go to LinkedIn to learn about me. Everything is right here! Just click on the tabs in the navigation bar. Or to get in touch, leave me a comment.